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travelling alone to Oz-looking for travel buddy??

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific travelling alone to Oz-looking for travel buddy??


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31. Posted by Keely21 (Budding Member 30 posts) 4y

End of Sept/Oct time :-)

32. Posted by kimboA (Budding Member 17 posts) 4y

Hi, i'm arriving in Sydney on 7 September. Have booked with UltimateOz but have a few days to kill before starting the package. Would love to catch up with anyone else there at the same time, don't want to be the sad loner in the pub by myself. I'm staying at WakeUp.

If anyone else is booked onto UltimateOz for 10 Sept please get in touch, too! : )

33. Posted by Lornaswift (Budding Member 25 posts) 4y

Hiya Keely, we can always meet when we get there?

Kimbo, I'm not sure what's happening yet think me and Charlotte are doing the same one but we can always meet up when we get there :-)


34. Posted by RC2012 (Budding Member 99 posts) 4y

Hi Everyone,

Just received my OzIntro pack read through it and it looks amazing, is UltimateOz any different? I noticed alot more people book through UltimateOz but I couldnt find the info pack on their site.

What dates is everyone planning on leaving?

After reading through it i'm not sure if I should do Australia first before SE Asia... Frustrating!

Only reason I was going to SEA first was incase I ran out of money in Aus and then couldnt go.

35. Posted by Keely21 (Budding Member 30 posts) 4y

Hi Ryan,

I'm going out September/October time. OZ intro looks really good as they help sort out bank accounts / working visa etc. The other site that looks really good is:

They have some really good tours.
When was you planning on going out to Oz?

36. Posted by Keely21 (Budding Member 30 posts) 4y

Yeah def meet up! :-)

37. Posted by alan84 (Full Member 134 posts) 4y

that ozintro looks alright did u get your brochure.what was the prices like? cos i was just gonna do hostels when i go does it save u money? what i like about it is they help u get work.:)

38. Posted by Keely21 (Budding Member 30 posts) 4y

Hi Alan,

The prices are o.k the idea is to just introduce you to Oz really help you sort everything you need out. I think the basic package was around $699.

39. Posted by alan84 (Full Member 134 posts) 4y

was that including flights? the only thing is i was going to thailand before oz for a month or so.i orderd a brochure long u going to oz for?

40. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4892 posts) 4y

FWIW, as someone who went to Australia before ozintro, ultimateoz, "arrival packages" and all of those things were around, or at least prevalent (a mere 8 years ago), I'd like to inject the point of view that it's supremely easy to get set up in Australia on your own when you arrive. The backpacker infrastructure is absolutely superb, and if you do need help, your hostel's front desk is usually willing to offer you lots of it, after which there's also local services stilling willing to take your money for doing just a single thing.

Lots and lots of people have a great time with all of these all-in packages, and I say good on them. But chances are they'd have a great time without these packages as well, and it's really an awful lot of money you'd be paying purely for "peace of mind". (Because really, that's the only thing you're getting that you couldn't do yourself for free or significantly cheaper.) So consider if you really want to start off the huge experience this trip is by paying someone else to prevent you from actually going in and experiencing doing these things. Maybe you don't need any hand-holding? Maybe you really can do it all by yourself?

Hope that doesn't come over too grouchy. :) I just think there's better uses for this money once you're actually in Australia. *g*