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Need help deciding a 2 month route in South America!

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Need help deciding a 2 month route in South America!

1. Posted by natattack415 (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

I will be leaving to study abroad soon and i will be doing a semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a semester in Santiago, Chile. In between semesters I have a 2 month break and would like to explore as much of SA as I can. Last time I went to South America i had 5 weeks and went from Chile to Brazil (Santiago-Mendoza-Buenos Aires- Iguazu- Curitiba- ilha do mel- Rio de Janeiro- Sao Paolo- flew back to santiago) I felt this was pretty rushed and a lot of it was spent on bus. Since I have 2 months I am looking to see as much as I can but still be able to relax and enjoy my time. I am thinking 4-6 days in each city. I will be doing it all on the bus but my splurge for 1 flight or 2 cheap flights. Here are some options I am thinking about or if you have any routes you can suggest please do! Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

This will be from mid December to mid february

OPTION A: Fly to Colombia (maybe Ecuador if Colombia would make it too rushed) and make my down to Santiago, Chile

OPTION B: Go through Uruguay into Brazil and up the coast taking a flight from Salvador de bahia to Santiago, Chile

Any suggestions, input, or alternate routes of your own would be of great help, Thanks!

2. Posted by natattack415 (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

Also if I go with one of these options where should I stop along the way? I am partial to beaches, hiking, visiting parks and natural reserves, ruins, lakes. Basically a variety of outdoor adventures with some fun nightlife here and there, thanks again

3. Posted by ryssbalt (Budding Member 6 posts) 4y

I have just arrived after a journey in Peru, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.I think a good journey is to travel in Central America and I meet a Spanish young women who had paid 900Euro for a flight Madrid- Guatemala City- Madrid.
I had a multiflight tickets Stockholm-Lima-San Salvador-Guatemla city- Los Angeles-Stockholm and paid 1600 Euro.

4. Posted by Cecci (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y

I have only been to Colombia in SA, but I would REALLY recommend it! If you like beaches, you can take the bus (around $80) or find a cheap flight with LAN or Avianca, to Cartagena and take the boat to Playa Blanca. Seriously, it is p a r a d i s e. You sleep in a hammoc on the beach, fall asleep watching the stars and listening to the ocean, wake up with the sunrise and just enjoy the caribbean sea. You can do kitesurfing there.

There is a really nice national park further north, Tayrona National Park, it is about 4 hours north of Cartagena (around $25 I think). There you can go camping and hiking in the forest. It is also really really beautiful with beautiful beaches also. And you've probably heard of the Ciudad Perdida, the lost city. I didnt go there but you should if you have time ;)

And the Colombians are amazing people. So welcoming and friendly, and they just share everything, nothing is ever a problem. :)

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