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Last year i had planned to leave the uk for a job in the middle east.. Not long before i left i got myself into a bit of trouble.. while i was drunk i borrowed my friends car and crashed it. it was my second drink driving offence, with no lisence or insurance and as it was a fairly new courtesy car. Which therefore meant i had to tell the police that i took it without permission or my friend would have been liable to pay for the car. My flights were already booked and happened to be the day after my court date. after much deliberation i decided to leave the country and skip my bail. I obviously have a warrent out for my arrest now and have been told that my passport is almost definatley flagged and i will be apprehended at any UK airport. I was hoping if anyone could let me know if this applies in all of the EU? will i be able to travel to france for example? Also is it possible to get into the uk through Ireland without them checking your passport and then getting a ferry to the uk?? any advice would be much appreciated. thanks