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Australia.. Planning a trip for a 1yr maybe 2? Advise please

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Australia.. Planning a trip for a 1yr maybe 2? Advise please

1. Posted by Jamesford (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hello people's

You have probably seen a thousand threads the same as this one.. Im gunna write it anyway!

OK as title says, I have decided to travel to australia for a year or 2, I have many questions about this and i hoping you people can help.

Firstly, What is it really like working out there picking apple's etc... I only ever hear the good things and never any bad.

Secondly, Im not too interested in travelling around Australia im more thinking of staking out in one place and meeting people and getting to know one place... My question is: How hard is it to get a decent job and stick at it? Ive always imagined working in a beach bar at a tourist destination?!? Is this a possibility?

Third, If i was to get pretty well settled is it easy to apply for a 2nd year visa? And what happens after that?

Last question for now, Do the locals like the english?

I know its a lot to take in, But if you have answers or advise on any of these topics i would be so grateful

Thankyou in advance!


2. Posted by jamesba (Budding Member 20 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

hey mate,
ye so many threads the same, but so many people to reply to them :)

basicaly mate, depends who u are, if ur laid back ect, can be hard work, but ur in oz, in the sun, working, personaly cant see how u cant enjoy it.

getting a decent job can be stressfull, because i found ozys like to look after ozzys 1st in jobs like that, but is possible if u put urself out there, specialy if u stick it out in 1 place,beach bar is doubtful i guess not 100 percent but thats more of a thialand job.but u never know.

getting a second visa,
u need to of done at least 3 months work in a specific region of oz, be worth looking up on the visa website.

wen u work u have to get a certain card so u get dont get taxed to much either

ye they like the english, u get the od twat who would b a dick, same as any place, they call us poms wen thats what they actualy are :) just incase u didnt know and they asked if ur a pom just say ye,its thm caling u english.

hope that helps :)

follow my new page on twitter @help2travellers just set up 2day b good if u could

3. Posted by Jamesford (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!


Thanks for the reply :)

Have had a look about the visa's so thats sorted.
Haha, 'Poms' My grandad warned about this one, he lived out there back in the day!

I am a very hardworking guy, I do 12hours everyday, Hence the reason for getting away!

It all seems pretty simple then,

I am a little worried that i will get out there and find i cant get a job.

I have seen lots of agencys online saying they can set you up with a phone, bank account, Help with visa and a job for when you arrive, Is this worth looking at or is it a bit of a con? I think there fee works out at around £300 GBP?

Thanks again


P.s I dont have Twitter :(