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Caribbean Criminal Record

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1. Posted by caribbeannn (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

If I have a criminal record in the Caribbean that has been cleared, is there any way Canada and the USA can find it if I travel there and do not admit to ever having had one?

2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 4y

Impossible to give an accurate opinion when you give no clue whatsoever where the charges were filed, but the overall answer is: No problems. Forgetaboutit.

Good luck.


3. Posted by caribbeannn (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Dear Terry,

The charges were filed in my home country of Antigua in the Caribbean. One for throwing a bottle and another for handling stolen goods (under $1000 USD). I did 1 month in jail for the bottle and paid a small fine for the stolen goods. Both occured in 2008 but I was (very) late paying my fine so I am a few years away from even applying for rehabilitation in Canada. My record is being cleared by police here right now. So when I get a normal record check myself at their office, it comes up clean. We get our visas by applying through the Canadian branch in the caribbean, so I'm wondering if I say that I've never had a record, if they will be able to tell that I have...

I love your answer (makes me feel better) but can you give more details as to why you don't think it would be a problem? I don't want to get banned forever for lying but my fiance is in Canada.

4. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2488 posts) 4y

I said it likely wouldn't be an issue because almost no place in the Caribbean shares its criminal data base with Canada, nor does Canada share with them.

That said, I do NOT know what Antigua's policy is though... I'm sure an immigration lawyer in Antigua could tell you. I'm 90% sure you're okay "forgetting" that anything ever happened, but that remaining 10% is NOT worth risking being red flagged by CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency.) Once you're on their $hit list you're screwed forever.

Any immigration lawyer should be able to tell you what is disclosed between the two countries, and how to proceed.

Good luck.