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How friends/family access my blog

Travel Forums System Talk How friends/family access my blog

1. Posted by TahliaJ (Budding Member, 2 posts) 7 May '12 12:55


I've just opened an account & started my travel blog entries...but just wondering how friends/family now get onto my blog site?? Is there a way to make access private or can it only be a public profile?


2. Posted by Sander (Moderator, 4392 posts) 7 May '12 13:47

You can give your family & friends the URL to your blog - - , and they can subscribe to it via email or a feed reader. You can also have your blog entries show up on your facebook profile. ("add to facebook" link on the overview panel in your blog management area.)

You can also password protect your blog (second selectbox in the settings panel of your blog management area), though I don't know if that interferes with any of the above ways to share / subscribe to your blog posts.

3. Posted by TahliaJ (Budding Member, 2 posts) 11 May '12 13:32

Thanks for your help