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Party on Bondi Beach Xmas day.....

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Party on Bondi Beach Xmas day.....

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1. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 4y

Ok, so as everyone knows. Bondi beach is where the party is at Xmas day. Think it would be good to have a Travellerspoint meet up on bondi. Just wondering if anyone would be up for it. I'll be in Sydney on my own over the festive period. And as i can see so will a lot of other people that are flying solo. Just wondering if anyone would be interested? If so... maybe try and sort something out. :)


2. Posted by JohnnyR1988 (Budding Member 17 posts) 4y

Alright joe

I am hoping/thinking about being down that way by the festive period although you never know what could come up, but that sounds like a gd idea are you there this now or when do you head over.


3. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 4y

Hey John
Im heading over October. Was just going through some travel plans and thought i'd post this. Least can get to know people before then.

You over there now?

Be cool if you made it down. Stay in touch man.


4. Posted by YorkieGirl (Budding Member 58 posts) 4y

Im heading down under beginning of november and will be in sydney for christmas and yes will be having a bbq on the beach! Im travaling with a friend and if we could join you for a party that would be really nice :)

5. Posted by JohnnyR1988 (Budding Member 17 posts) 4y

Alright joe

im heading over on september 12th starting in perth, planning to be in sydney for december then eventually head up the east coast, what about you you got a rough idea what you want to do or just wing it.

will defos keep in touch


6. Posted by jwilko (Budding Member 18 posts) 4y

Im hoping to party on bondi beach christmas 2013 if thats any concellation?


7. Posted by FOXPRESIDENT (Full Member 98 posts) 4y


I am hoping to be in Oz this year, I am still home in the UK and in process of selling my house go on a career break.

So really want to be on Bondi Beach for the party!!!!

That and I so want to post a photo of me partying with people to all on facebook letting them know I am having a great time!

8. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 4y

@YorkieGirl.... The more the merrier. Get involved. Be good to see you guys. Your more then welcome.

@John, I'll be flying into Melbourne. Will be there for a couple weeks before i head up to Sydney. Wanna check out Rutledge lane. Some awesome Graffiti. Its unbelievable. Check it out on Google. After Sydney will be heading up the East coast also. You heading over on your own? Im looking for travel buds to travel with so may be able to sort something out.

@Josh. Hope you have a good time in 2013 bro! Shame you cant make 2012 :)

@Fox I know what you mean. Not that i wanna rub it in, but Partying on Bondi Xmas day is a dream for a lot of people. This year im gonna be living that Dream. Make it happen man. Sell that house and get your a$$ over there!

9. Posted by FOXPRESIDENT (Full Member 98 posts) 4y

@Jowah - Defo going to try! Yes a bit of rubbing it in will go a along way - not twisted am I? :p

Anyone there at the minute knows how good it is for getting jobs?

Only thing I am worried about.

10. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 4y

Twisted? Na man. Think everyone who goes over likes to rub it in. I'll be doing lots of it. My old work mates will love/hate it! Its gotta be done!

A friend of mine is over there at the moment. She's rinsed 3k in 2 months. Not found any work. Saying its really hard as there is 200 other backpackers going for the same one. I think if your willing to do pretty much anything, Have a good CV, And are very pro active. Think outside the box a little. It is possible to find jobs. Obviously take a massive pinch of luck with that. Your laughing! Im not out there so cant really comment first hand. But as long as you dont give up, Or spend all your time getting wrecked, you should be able to find something.
My thoughts on the matter anyway......

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