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Newbie! Hi guys...

Travel Forums Introductions Newbie! Hi guys...

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1. Posted by YorkieGirl (Budding Member 58 posts) 4y

Hello names Amanda and im new. I have not gone traveling as of yet but its just the start of my journey, My first experince will be australia in november then once i have been to the land down under would love to go to bolivia.

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Any tips or advice on any traveling will always be appreciated. Thanks :)

2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3744 posts) 4y

Hi Amanda, welcome to Travellerspoint! Hope to see you around the forums from now on.

3. Posted by alan84 (Full Member 134 posts) 4y

how long u travelling for?

4. Posted by YorkieGirl (Budding Member 58 posts) 4y

Hey Bex, I hope to be around the forum thankyou :)

Not long, only going for 3 months have been tempted to up my visa and go for a year but there are so many other places to see. Have you been before?

5. Posted by alan84 (Full Member 134 posts) 4y

na i planning on going this year too i was gonna go next year but i need to get away.i going out for a year gonna do thailand for a month then go to oz for the 11 out there to help out too.i cant wait !! cant stop thinking of getting away at mo lol.what other places r u intrested in?

6. Posted by wizzmor (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Hi Amanda and welcome,

Definately extend your Visa for the year WHV, you will see and experience so much, Australia is an amazing country to start in, you will meet so many other travellers in the same boat as you.

As to loads of other places to see, you have plenty of time, even most experienced travellers still have lots of places they want to visit.

Go forth and conquer Australia, enjoy , learn and broaden those horizons.

Happy travels,


7. Posted by YorkieGirl (Budding Member 58 posts) 4y

Sounds amazing! and i know what you mean, i keep thinking all i have to do is up my visa and buy a one way ticket and i could just go out for a year and escape, im itching to get out there! After Australia im gonna look into Bolivia. There are loads of places, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, North america, Italy ... just a few lol What about yourself?

8. Posted by YorkieGirl (Budding Member 58 posts) 4y

Aww thanks Andy, now im really tempted!

9. Posted by alan84 (Full Member 134 posts) 4y

well i was gonna do thailand oz and new zealand but i think i gonna just do thailand and oz for now cos of money.but i def going out there for a year.just do it ya young too im 28 and i getting the thought of getting to old and i'll miss out doing this so i just doing on facebook at all?

10. Posted by YorkieGirl (Budding Member 58 posts) 4y

i am, iv sent you a message. :)