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Newbie! Hi guys...

Travel Forums Introductions Newbie! Hi guys...

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11. Posted by alan84 (Full Member, 125 posts) 8 May '12 13:03

ok i messaged you bak ok :)

12. Posted by Niels1303 (Full Member, 131 posts) 8 May '12 16:20

Hi Amanda,

welcome to travellerspoint. I wish you to have a safe and pleasant trip to Australia. I´m looking forward to hear about your future travel experience, as Australia is also on my "to do" list.

13. Posted by YorkieGirl (Budding Member, 58 posts) 9 May '12 16:06

Hey Niels

Thankyou so much, i cant wait for Australia! and when you go i hope you have an amazing experience.

14. Posted by moer2237 (Budding Member, 4 posts) 10 May '12 00:22

Australia is the biggest continent of the world. I'm sure you will have a swell of a time exploring Australia.

15. Posted by Vacation Hero (Budding Member, 17 posts) 10 May '12 19:55

Hey Amanda! I'm new here too. Welcome!

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