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Asking for your advice.

Travel Forums North America Asking for your advice.

1. Posted by cfg500 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 12 May '12 19:38

Hello Backpackers,

I would like to take my three brothers on a 3 to 4 day backpacking trip next June or July 2013, but need help deciding where to go. I have a close family in Las Vegas; Fontana, California; and Eugene, Oregon, so I wouldn't want to travel more than several hours away from one of these points.
Here's what I would want out of the trip:
Fairly strenuous,
Fairly secluded (not crowded),
Not scorching hot or winter cold,
Little chance of mosquito swarms.

These are my place ideas so far, but I have not been backpacking in any of them, or have even been more than traveling by:

Las Vegas: Mt. Charleston- may be too hot
- Zion in Utah-may be too crowded-was there last summer for some short hikes-did not enjoy the trails being so well trodden.

Fontana, CA: San Gorgonio Mountain, west of Fontana. Don't know how busy this will be in the summer.

Oregon: Mt. Hood? Mt. Jefferson? Any of the other Sisters? I am leaning toward Mt. Jefferson.

So what do you experienced think?
Thanks for your help!

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru, 1747 posts) 13 May '12 07:27


3. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru, 1940 posts) 13 May '12 11:19

Here's an interesting site you might like - best of Oregon

4. Posted by cfg500 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 14 May '12 04:32

Right now, hiking the Three Sisters in Oregon sounds good.
Would Escalante Staircase in Utah be too hot in late June or Early July?