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Need advise for Melbourne and Sydney trip (7 days 6 nights)

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Need advise for Melbourne and Sydney trip (7 days 6 nights)

1. Posted by ivylps (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y


Plan to arrange a 7 days 6 nights trip to sydney and melbourne in early may 2013, kindly advise me the followings:-
1) weather, rain/ wet level, hours of day light/ day (will the day shorter than night since it near to winter time)
2) which city to visit first (sydney or melbourne), p/s, prefer shopping come later
3) Is ski activity started/ available in May?
4) activities & attraction that cannot be missed.


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3. Posted by timtravels (Respected Member 350 posts) 4y

I'll see if I can answer your questions:
1. Weather is likely to be quite sunny but not warm during the day, in Sydney at this time we're getting temperatures in the low 20s (degrees celsius) and sunlight from about 7am-5:30pm, nights are generally cold

2. Most people say Melbourne is better for shopping

3. There won't be much snow at this time, any snow is likely to be artificial and probably not enough to ski on.

4. Honestly there's not much between Sydney and Melbourne at this time of year, you can stop in at Wilsons Promontory which will be pretty but very cold, the snowy mountains will also be pretty but cold, you might be able to take a walk on the ski slopes. You'd be better off spending time in Sydney/Melbourne to check out the city, 7 days isn't a long time.

4. Posted by hey_monkee (Respected Member 430 posts) 4y

Both cities are enjoyable and still getting reasonable weather and temperatures at that time of year. Melbourne might be getting cooler given their more southern location, but its usually a pleasant Autumn-y kind of cool. Umbrella may be necessary, you can never say for sure! Take a tram to St Kilda, its a nice suburb and I like the German-style bakeries down there ;)

Darling Harbour is a nice central Sydney location to base yourself around - if your budget doesnt stretch to the accommodation prices there, stay in a nearby suburb. Theres a cool little tourist monorail that you can get a daily ticket on and it has maybe 8 or so drop off points in central Sydney.

I know both cities quite well, so feel free to PM me if you like

5. Posted by timtravels (Respected Member 350 posts) 4y

Sadly the monorail in Sydney might be retired by May 2013, if it's still there you might be one of the last to ride it :)

6. Posted by alexande (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y

Both cities are enjoyable,how I wish I can go there.

7. Posted by ivylps (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y

thanks for all your comments, hmm, but i still have no idea where to go in Melbourne and Sydney... :(

8. Posted by MelbStaycation (Budding Member 12 posts) 4y

Hi, I agree with the comments above, they are both wonderful cities. I'm not sure what your hobbies or particular interests are, but you might want to check out these government websites which give you some info about what is happening in each city and key attractions and

Happy Holidays!