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Spanish language classes in Arequipa (or elsewhere in Peru)?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Spanish language classes in Arequipa (or elsewhere in Peru)?

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We're currently in the early stages of plotting the itinerary for a possible RTW. We'd like to spend a couple of months in South America, focusing mostly on Peru/Bolivia/Ecuador, and this time start off with two (?) weeks of reasonably intensive (4-6 hours a day?) of Spanish lessons, so that we can get a bit more out of our time there. Would be nice to do these in a location that's actually worth staying at for a few weeks, getting to really know it. Arequipa is the first city that comes to mind, based on really quite liking it during a previous trip to Peru, and also being a good place to spend some time at, altitude acclimatization-wise, but we're open to suggestions for alternatives.
We're currently absolute beginners at speaking Spanish (I have a smattering of travel vocabulary, and can puzzle out signs based on similarity with Latin/French/English, but that's about it), though I expect my gf to work through a "teach yourself Spanish" course in the next couple of months, and need slightly more advanced classes.

Given this information, does anyone here have experience with a Spanish language school they can recommend? What was particularly good/bad about them? What made you choose that particular school?

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Hi - sorry, can't help re: Arequipa schools, I've just finished a course in Lima (El Sol language school in Miraflores) which I have found very effective. The structure and method of teaching grammar really worked for me and it was a very professional organisation.

Suerte !


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