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Pre paid sim in Mexico

Travel Forums North America Pre paid sim in Mexico

1. Posted by rabudman (Budding Member, 24 posts) 28 May '12 10:02

I bought an unlocked quad band phone before I arrived in Mexico believing all I would need to do would be to purchase a pre-paid sim card upon arrival in Mexico.

I haven't been able to find pre-paid sims in Mexico and most people I've asked about it do not seem to know what a pre-paid sim is.

I did purchase a telmex sim card but it doesn't work when inserted.

I've only spoken with one person who was aware of what pre-paid sim cards are and he told me they are not sold in Mexico. He advised that I buy a cheap throw-away phone to use during my visit.

I purchased the cheap phone/it works and tried placing the sim card into my quad band unlocked phone but it doesn't work in that phone.

The quad band is a nice phone and I'd like to use it.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to be able to use the quad band/unlocked phone?

Someone told me if I took the phone to telmex they could "set" the phone to work on their network but can the phone be "set" to work with their network without locking the phone and disabling the phones ability to work in other countries with other sim cards when I travel to other countries?