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First time Europe traveler is looking for advice and tips

Travel Forums Europe First time Europe traveler is looking for advice and tips

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Hey all,

I work for a company that offers 30-days paid leave every 5 years of employment with them. (I have worked here for 5 years?!) Plus, I can take an additional two weeks of time off (paid) during this time, for a total of a month and a half of time off. I'm planning to visit Europe. I want to see it all, but know I can't, so I've semi-decided to let the wind take me where I want to go.

My tentative plans are to fly into Ireland first and see what I want to see there, then head over to England and see what I want to see there or in Scotland or Wales, or Isle of Mann. (Again, nothing set, just kind of go to what seems appealing and fun for me.) Then the goal is to head on over to France for a day or two. I may not really spend time in France, but get to Belgium where a friend lives that I will be staying with.

Initially, I'm hoping my hubby can get about 2 weeks with me for the Ireland/UK/France-Belgium portion. If he can't, I will be alone unless my friend meets me in Ireland.

From there, I think he's going to show me around places. I kind of want to see Sweden, Denmark (his home country), some Eastern Europe, Germany, Switzerland. (Will save the south for another trip I think... like Spain, Italy, Greece...etc)

I'm not sure if letting the wind carry me around Europe is a good idea or not, and I'm a terrible planner. I'm a very spur of the moment person, so figured this may work best. But not sure, as I've never been. ...oh...I'm coming from the United States.

I'm tentatively planning on flying into Ireland and going home out of Belgium.

I'm not sure how long my friend can stay with me for this trip, but he plans to try to take holiday time around this time for me.

I can take this trip anywhere from the end of August until a year from the end of August. I am thinking the spring since I am enrolled in fall semester.

I'm looking for any good advice. From time of year, to best way to see as much of Europe as I can, but still truly experience everything each place I go has to offer. Should I make a more solid plan? What should I pack? (Kind of want to do this backpacking style.) Currency concerns, luggage restrictions. (Can I bring Absynth back to the US? ;-) ) Any and all ideas, information, help, are welcome. I'm super excited but am not sure where to start and how good my idea even is.

Thanks in advance!

~ Stacy

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