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1. Posted by zubie831 (Budding Member 13 posts) 4y

So I have been on this site for a week or so now and I really like the layout and the fact that it has a very simple polished approach but I do however have a few concerns. I wish their was more activity on the site or perhaps I am looking in the wrong direction. I know this is a site about "documenting" a trip but I was hoping to have some more activity on the forums. I have done some googling and havent found a travel forum site that I am overly impressed with.
If you don't know in two weeks I will be taking the trip of a life time, 7 - 8 weeks 10k miles. Since I will be traveling mostly alone I'll use this site to talk about this and that. The other thing that is frustrating is it seems these travel forums are too specific and not broad enough, although this site does have a US travel section which is good but most are broken up by states ect. So for you road trippers travelers is this site where you come to participate in forums or am I missing the mark! GIDDY UP~

2. Posted by zubie831 (Budding Member 13 posts) 4y

Trip Advisor seems to get a lot of traffic hmmmmmm

3. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin 813 posts) 4y

That's interesting - I was just sharing these stats with our social channels when I saw your post:

Past 24 hours

218 new members, 215 new trips, 299 new blog entries, 105 forum entries, 2464 new photos, 15 reviews

What kind of activity are you looking for in the forums? For general chatter like this it would probably be better in the General Talk forum, so I'm going to go ahead and move it there for you. :)

4. Posted by zubie831 (Budding Member 13 posts) 4y

Thanks? No offense I like the site a lot but just think we could have some more action on the forums. Do you ever have any feature blogs? because I would like to be considered when I am up and running!

5. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin 813 posts) 4y

Agreed, although I think the original question of a thread has a lot to do with how much of a response it gets. I am a bit of an info nerd but you can see on the forum page the types of questions that get the most replies (though the Australia and Tomorrowland threads skew the figures! ;))

We regularly feature members' blogs based on the quality of the writing, interest of the post or photography included. Check out our featured blogs for examples and inspiration.

Good luck. I look forward to reading your blog once you set off!

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7. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1831 posts) 4y

If you want to know anything about America, about any state, try the fodors forum. It is packed with Americans.

8. Posted by zubie831 (Budding Member 13 posts) 4y

Thanks, I hope to attain a feature blog on my trip!

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