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Oktoberfest then what?

Travel Forums Europe Oktoberfest then what?

1. Posted by j.woodsei (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hey Guys,

My friend and I are heading to London from Sydney Australia late August to meet up with 2 other friends and are heading to Oktoberfest. We are doing a 5 day Conkiti tour heading into Munich on the 27th. I so cant wait.
There is the option, after the tour, to head back to London with the group but we want to find our own way back.
We will have about 4 weeks travel time in total so after the tour we have 3 weeks to get back to London. We have not booked flights yet but plan on doing that in the next week.
We are trying to figure out a rough itinerary to go off.
A rough idea is:
Spain (Barcelona?)

I threw Spain in there as i really want to see it, and i know its in the total opposite direction!
We don't mind taking the odd flight, if we were to go to Spain.

We want to get a bit of the feel for the counties, but not stay forever. We'll be looking forward to the night life, people and attractions.

Being my first overseas trip my idea about this could all be wrong? Could these destinations be done realistically? What would you guys recommend, where to go and for how long?

Any help is greatly greatly appreciated
Thanks, Josh

2. Posted by Niels1303 (Full Member 131 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi Josh,

in my opinion you should really be able to see all the places you mentioned in 3 weeks. Since you will be staying in Munich, you could plan to go to Salzburg (Austria) which is just around the corner. Vienna on the other side is at the opposite side of Austria, so I wouldn´t necessarily include it in my trip. Prague is also awesome (just been there 2 weeks ago) and quite cheap compared to other european countries (except for the places crowded with tourists af course). Amsterdam is especially attracting people because of the nightlife, and since coffeshops won´t accept foreigners by 2013 anymore, I´m sure it might get quite busy until the end of the year.
In Belgium I´ve only been to Brussel so far and honestly didn´t like it that much. Brugge is supposed to be really beautiful though.
Paris is also a must see and has a lot of culture to offer. If you want to go on top of the Eiffel tower you must know that it usually takes 2-3 hours of waiting time! :(
Barcelona is my favorite city in Europe! It has everything someone could desire: a great night life, a beautiful beach just next to the city, amazing buildings (just love Gaudis work), hills and much more... the only downside is that Barcelona is a real pickpocket nest. Even though most people are aware of that quite a few people staying at my hostel got robbed on the streets the last time I was there.
To travel to all those destinations you can check out ryan airs flights (or other low cost carriers). If you book in advance you can really get great deals. If you prefer travelling by train I think you could also get a railpass.