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1. Posted by Johnash (Budding Member, 31 posts) 20 Jun '12 00:12

Last night I added the last but one page to our recent Blog,

This Blog seems to have been enjoyed very much by our friends etc but I notice this morning, whilst the main travellerspoint site is working, the Blog at comes up with the error "Service Unavailable"

Am hoping this is just a temporary glitch? My subscribers will be wondering what's happened!

Thanks for a great facility.

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 20 Jun '12 00:19

Sorry, this is indeed a temporary glitch. Looking into it now!!

3. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 20 Jun '12 00:31

All back up and running, sorry for that glitch!

4. Posted by Johnash (Budding Member, 31 posts) 20 Jun '12 00:49

Whooosh! Such speed. Thanks guys!