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41. Posted by maxihobbs (Budding Member 28 posts) 4y

Hi Natalie

I'm certainly on board with everything so far. Probably starting my adventure in August 2014 and then move west towards Moscow for the start of our adventure so more than happy so far. Updated my map further so getting a better picture of the whole trip now, WAHAY!

Nice post Pdemarisco - sounds like your living the dream. What job did you get in Oz to make such good money? Any tips grateful :)


42. Posted by natalie1989 (Budding Member 66 posts) 4y

Heyy Max,

Cool im glad that your plan is comong together a bit more. its such a good feeling when you have finally planned out the whole trip. :)

Ok so do you wanna hit the trans siberian in mod september then rather than october?

I am gonna start adding things up soon and try and get rough estimates. i am so looking forward to it. cant believe its actually happening. i just wish 2014 would hurry up!

That trip to antarctica sounds amazing and like max said it sounds like u have had an amazing travelling life! :)


43. Posted by sodriscoll98448 (Budding Member 23 posts) 4y

can't wait for 2014, im now thinking maybe skip France and Germany altogether, hit Poland then straight on to St Petersburg Moscow and the epic train journey thorugh to biejing :D. It's all dependant on how much we save and stuff, so unsure, but gonna edit the traavel plan me thinks at some point see how it works out. Transsiberian adventure will be awesome!!

44. Posted by natalie1989 (Budding Member 66 posts) 4y

Ok cool well like i said october 2014 would be best for me but ill go along with whatever u and max decide.. if its better fir you both to go in september then ill do that.

Why you gonna skip france and germany?

Germany is lovelyyyy lol.. and theyre on the way! Haha.

45. Posted by maxihobbs (Budding Member 28 posts) 4y

Happy with either to be fair - I've got no qualms with October. September is easier as it works nicely with an August start but more than happy to move a month if we need to

Don't skip Germany - you will regret it!!

46. Posted by sodriscoll98448 (Budding Member 23 posts) 4y

Hey, debating taking a trip through to Japan (Tokyo) too while in Asia.. Not sure though, got to look at prices and stuff apparently quite expensive but wouldn't want to miss the opportunity, hmm. We're probably gonna spend between 4-6 months in Asia before heading to Oz, depending on what we agree on etc :)

47. Posted by natalie1989 (Budding Member 66 posts) 4y

Heyy guys,

sorry for the long gap between replying. been maaad busy with work and stuff. anyway so yeah after some thinking and tweaking i agree that we should hit up the tran siberian in september definately. i did originally think october but due to weather in most countries i am visiting and also as i have decided to spend more time in asia i think that september is the best time for all four of us? agreed?

how are the plans coming along guys? i am gonna have to look into mine in more depth this weeek as have neglected them for aaaages now lol.

and sodriscoll i definately wanna hit up japan too but am so torn! i wanna go to japan canada peru brazil greenland iceland sweden switzerland antarctica.. i think i may have to save those for another trip! lol.. i have heard japan is AMAZING but really expensive. i would like to take a side step there but depends on cost and time constraints alongside weather :s

hope everyone is ok :)

Tilly (Natalie is too long! lol)

48. Posted by Stopping89 (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y

Hey guys,

Hope you don't mind me barging in on your blog! Just need some pre-maybeishouldmaybeishouldntgotravelling advice!

I'm so torn!

I've wanted/debated doing it for years but finished uni 2 years ago and fell into a job. I don't want to keep putting travelling off and finding more and more excuses, but the thought of trying to plan all of it is so daunting! I've been accepted to emmigrate to australia (even with a date set!), but have quickly come to the realisation this isn't really what I want, yet! I need to go travelling, it's like an itch (an expensive one!) that I need to scratch!

So...I know it's a stupid question, but do I?! Don't I!? Do I give up my career here? I work in a really specialised field and worry about getting a job somewhere, but I know this is just an excuse! It's exciting even just reading all your plans to go travelling, but making me ridiculously jealous and wanting to get it sorted (or at least make a decision) soon!

Again, so torn!!

Hope you can all help!


Ps. excuse the weird timing, I'm a nurse and on nights!

49. Posted by natalie1989 (Budding Member 66 posts) 4y

Heyy Scott

i was like you in that i always wanted to do it and explofed with envy at people who were going. then i broke up with my ex fiance and it pushed me into thinking why dont i just do it?! He never wanted to go and most of friends are settled with boyfriends or at uni or with a career. the jobi am in now has a lot ofpotential as dpes yours but we arent gettin any younger scott! Lol.

I would say go for it.

Whats the wprst that can happen?
You save up loads of money and then decife at the last minute not to go? Tjats ok! You will have a small fortune to spend on whatever u like instead.
you go out there and u dont like it. thats ok too! Switch countries or cpme home.

If you dont do it you will regret it and think why have i never done this despite wanting to for most of my life? I say go for it.

planning it is daunting but it is also the most exciting! start by writing down countriws you have always wabtwd to travel. then look at world maps and add on a few extras. dont worry about time scales or distancesor transport as after u have all your countries you will find that your brain just sort of naturally clicks them into place haha.

Good luck! Keep us updated! :D

and remember

theres nothing to lose!

Tilly x

50. Posted by Stopping89 (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y

Hey Tilly,

Yeahh completely agree with everything you said! And I shouldn't wait for an allmighty excuse to force me into actually doing it!

Everything you've said makes complete sense. Maybe if I actually start saving towards it I'd feel a bit more motivated and feel like it could actually happen!

I'm in a really fortunate position with my job, I can take a career break for 6 months - 3 years, in which time my job will remain open until I return to it so there's no excuse not to go!

Planning is definitely the most daunting thing! Do I go alone?? I think it'd be more exciting to go alone! Although ridiculously scary at the same, I think it'd be a completely different experience!

How is your planning going??

I'll definitely keep you updated! I'm going on holiday next week, once I'm back, the joyful chore of saving begins!