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1. Posted by trosekrewer (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Hi everyone i am a ozzie male and I am trying to plan my next holiday, which I am almost certain it is going to be in Thailand.
This will be my first time there and will be travelling alone; so I am wondering where to go and where are good places to meet other people (singles / party goers).
any and all input will be greatly appreciated; oh I will be there about 2 to 3 weeks and not sure on the dates yet I am ready to go anytime.

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1831 posts) 4y

Best time to go weatherwise is December to April. It's high season so hundreds of thousands of other tourists about so no trouble meeting people if you want to. Book your flight early.

You want to meet people go to KSR in Bangkok and to Phuket.

Or you can drop in on a full moon party in Koh Phagan, near Koh Samui, which are held:

2 August 2012 (Thursday)

31 August 2012 (Friday)

30 September 2012 (Sunday)

30 October 2012 (Tuesday)

28 November 2012 (Wednesday)

28 December 2012 (Friday)

27 January 2013 (Sunday)

26 February 2013 (Tuesday)

27 March 2013 (Wednesday)

26 April 2013 (Friday)

You get 30 days visa free on arrival and Thailand is very cheap so why not a longer stay?

Don't take this wrong as I know nothing about you but if you pick up a Thai girl or guy, do it from a bar. If you do it anywhere else, you will never find them again if they clear off in the middle of the night with all your money and your passport.

3. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 4y

As a single male, you should certainly take a look at Pattaya. Just a few hours from BKK, it has more nightlife than almost any city you can name. Phuket also has exciting nightlife. BKK is world famous for its nightlife, but it is just too big/crowded for me. It might be right for you however.

Now a word about safety. 'Cyberia' touched on it. If you do take a companion to your hotel room, stop at the front desk first. Make sure your partner hands over their ID card to your front desk workers. Have them verify that the ID belongs to that person, then have them make a copy of it before securing it. Tell them to call your room before releasing the ID. This will stop or certainly cut down on the chance of being robbed or injured. Your partner knows they will need to talk to you before letting them out the door with their ID card.

Your room should have nothing worth stealing when a stranger walks into it. Secure your valuables in your room safe or behind the front desk in a lockbox. Your camera, mobile, laptop, etc should be out of sight and in a locked bag. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of theft. Use your common sense and stay alert. Being drugged or robbed will certainly ruin your holiday in Thailand.

4. Posted by trosekrewer (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Awesome thankyou for your advice; I was hoping to hopefully meet up with some single female fellow travellers more and was hoping to get some advice on this.

5. Posted by stoneman (Respected Member 216 posts) 4y

The best advice to anyone travelling to a country for the first time IMO is do as much research on the internet re accommodation, transport options things to do as you can. You will travel with more confidence and save yourself from wasting time.

To get started travel guides (on this site, tripadvisor, travelfish etc) have a wealth of info.

Then do specific searces on places and attractions that interest you, accommodaton that fits your budget, preferred transport option from A to B.

I always create an itinerary but allowing flexibility (you may decide to stay an extra day or two at a certain place).

Just about every question can be answered by an internet search. If not, then post a specific question. Doing the above will save you a lot of frustration. And a holiday should be just that not an exercise in frustration.

I agree KSR (Khao San Road) in Bangkok, Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan and Phuket are your best bet to hook up with female travellers.

The following are my DO NOTS - do drugs, hire a jetski, wear flashy jewellery, get involved in a fight with a Thai, badmouth the King, Bhuddha or Police

Good luck

6. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 4y

Quoting stoneman

The following are my DO NOTS - do drugs, hire a jetski, wear flashy jewellery, get involved in a fight with a Thai, badmouth the King, Bhuddha or Police Good luck

Steve really hit an area I did not in my post. Never even consider renting a jet ski. This scam has been going on for many years. Thai money has the picture of the King on it. I saw a guy in Pattaya beaten and then taken to jail because he tore Thai money in half. He had insulted the King and paid a severe price for being stupid (drunk). Leave your jewelry at home. Too many snatch robberies to count. Use some common sense and you will be fine. Good luck.