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Getting into Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine

Travel Forums Europe Getting into Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine

1. Posted by rstallworth (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

I need help. I am visiting friends in Europe. I am going to Poland, Belarus, Romania, Moldova and then the Ukraine. I am having trouble getting between a few countries and need help or I will not be able to get to friends. I need to get from Poland to Minsk, Belarus then to Bucharest, ROmania then to Chisinau, Moldova and onto Odessa, Ukraine. I am having a hard time finding trains and the planes are too expensive for all those stops. I am visiting between arrive in Minsk 8/11 or 8/12 and get into Ukraine on 8/16 or 8/17. 2 days in each. Help if you can or give me suggestions.

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1831 posts) 4y

Don't forget buses:


3. Posted by TeflonCDN (Full Member 129 posts) 4y

You may need to get a Visa to enter Belarus. Here is a basic resource for an overview

You will want to confirm the requirements with the Belarussian Embassy in your country.

The train trip from Warsaw to Minsk seems to be 12 hrs by day and 10 hrs overnight. Take the overnight train and get some sleep. Your sleep will be interupted when you stop at the border to convert from EU standard rolling stock, aka, wheels , to the Belarus/Russian standard. The change is required because the distance between the tracks is not the same.

You may want to consider using a travel agent that specializes in Eastern Europe to help you with your bookings/ visas etc...

Good Luck

PS. It is easier for people to provide specific advice help IF you fill out your profile, e.g., citizenship. If looking for booking help, departure and destination cities as well as travel dates/times are required. Your current post says Poland -> Minsk, but does not state what city in Poland...

4. Posted by rstallworth (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Thank you for the advice. I do have a visa to enter Belarus. Single entry only though. I am visiting many cities in Poland will be in Gdansk in the end. However, I can leave from any city in Poland for transportation to Minsk or ROmania. Every city I am putting in on Rail euro I am not getting any results. I will try to locate a travel agent. Thank you for the help and I will look into busses.

5. Posted by TeflonCDN (Full Member 129 posts) 4y

Potentially silly question, but... Are you using a some kind of "euro" rail pass? If so, are you sure Belarus is one of the countries included?

6. Posted by rmm (Budding Member 34 posts) 4y

The only direct overland link from Minsk to Bucharest is one very slow train.
It leaves from Minsk at 1.23AM and gets to Bucharest the second day around 11PM (nearly 48 hours later).

From Bucharest to Chisinau there is one overnight train, which leaves at 7.40PM and gets to Chisinau around 9AM.
It's slightly faster to do this part by bus; there are several of them per day and they leave mostly from Bucharest's Filaret bus station.

Between Chisinau and Odessa there's usually just one train per day (leaves 7.30AM, arrives 12.18 midday) but there are buses practically every hour.