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Not really a RTW, but a long trip

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Not really a RTW, but a long trip

1. Posted by pedrorf94 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi Guys,

I am 21 and from Brazil, I`m planning a Gap Year trip and plan on travelling solo for 11 months (I won`t be able to stay more than that, as I gotta be back to Uni). I have an idea in mind. I thought a lot and came to the conclusion I can have a better value of my money if I make almost everything overland(more adventurous too) instead of purchasing a RTW ticket. Can you guys give any advice on the following destinations and see if our budget is realistic?

Fly from Brazil to London... Spend:
London (already been there) 4 days
Brussels (already been there) 1 days
Cologne 2 days
Hamburg 3 days
Copenhagen 3 days
Stockholm 3 days
Helsinki 2 days
St Petersburg 3 days
Moscow 4 days

Trans Mongolian... Spend:
I thought about a week for the Lake Baikal region
about 10 days for the other cities along the railway, like Kazan, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk
and also like 10 days for Mongolia - I would like to make a trip to see the Gobi Desert

China... Spend:
thought about 2 months, going from Beijing to Nanning then crossing to Vietnam
is it feasible going to Tibet, have in mind I`m heading to Vietnam afterwards.

Vietnam... Spend: 5 weeks

Cambodia... Spend: 4 weeks

Laos... Spend: 2 weeks

Thailand... Spend: 2 months
I would spend something like 4 weeks on the beaches and islands, so it would be a month for bangkok and the rest of country, Chiang Mai, Ayuthaya and others.

Malaysia... Spend: 2 weeks

Indonesia... Spend: 2 months
I imagined a month for Bali (is that too much ?), and the rest for Java, Lombok, Flores (I would like to go to Komodo too)

Timor-Leste... Spend: 1 week

and fly to Singapore... Spend: 1 week

Fly back to Brazil.

I understand that some of the countries (e.g. China) we will not get to see much in that time but we will concentrate on a smaller region.

I should have about approx $14,000 saved up for 11 months of travel after flight between Brazil-London and Singapore-Brazil, injections,travel insurance etc. Would you say this would be enough to cover these countries in the time period above?

Also if anyone has got any advice on the above i would love to hear

Thanks in advice.


2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1839 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

It's not a bad schedule. But the weather? June to October in Asia is monsoon season and though sometimes this is light rain, other times it is heavy rains for days on end. At this moment, areas of China are suffering heavy floods due to rain.

China, Russia, etc you will of course need a visa, but also Thailand unless you take a short flight out and back, so getting two lots of 30 days. A 60 day visa means day of arrival and day of leaving count as two days, even if you arrive at five minutes to midnight and leave at five minutes past. There are a number of budget airlines in Europe and Asia.

Malaysia you can travel down to Penang, then to Kuala Lumpur, even down to Singapore.

I found a week in Bali too much, but that may just be me. You can travel by bus and train through Indonesia and there is quite a lot to see, places where tourists rarely go.

You should prebook the train from Helsinki, online. I think you should keep much of your schedule fluid so you can spend more in places you like and move on from places you have seen enough of. Maybe even add in some new places?

The usual candidates for accommodation: hostelbookers, hostelworld, asiarooms, travellerspoint, etc.