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Chinese Visas Requirements HELP

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1. Posted by Rambot (Budding Member 15 posts) 4y

Another Visa question for you all,

I was just about to book my flights to Shanghai when I realised that if you're applying for a visa to China, you must supply flight confirmation in and out of China and accommodation confirmation for every night you spend in China.

That really bothers me because I intend to spend at least 2 months there and my plans only cover the first few days, therefore I don't know where I will be staying for the rest of the duration.

I read this thread: that you can simply lie where you're staying when applying for a visa. I see that being a possible solution but how exactly? Will I have to risk booking 2 months worth of hotel rooms or can I just make up a list of random hostels I'll be staying at whilst I'm there? But then again, they're asking for confirmation.

I am also exiting the country by crossing into Vietnam, therefore I won't be flighting out of China so I don't know if that involves any further issues.

I really don't want to book in advance 2 months worth of accommodation, because who does that? There has to be a way to bypass this?

Thanks for your help,


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