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Travelling, Working and Playing guitar in the Americas!

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I've been travelling for nearly three years and I am coming close to leaving the current country I find myself in, of New Zealand. Come November my Brother is getting married over in Sarasota in America and I am using this as a good reason to be getting over to the states.

Some of the places I'd like to see are:

See some more of South America (I've been to Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia)
See some of Central America
See some of the States (mainly the deep south and the major cities)

Now, I am aiming to have around $10,000NZD saved by the time I leave and sadly this will probably include the price of my flights over there. Essentially, what I am saying is I am going to be on a real budget!

I'd love to work in America at some point but know how hard a task this can be. I'm also a singer/songwriter and have been playing gigs everywhere I go and I really want to play loads of gigs in the States.

So, the questions I have are:

Where are the real cheap places in South and Central America that won't ruin my budget?
How much money realistically do I need per month in the States?
Should I apply for jobs now or should I wait until I get into the country?
If I am on a 3 month tourist visa, can I leave the country (head to Mexico or Canada) and then come back in on a new 3 month visa?
Is it worth focusing on gigs in one city (NYC for example) or should I move around?

I know this is all a bit of a brain dump, it's just America seems like it is going to be the hardest place to keep this travelling dream alive and so I'm trying to get armed with the facts and make the right choices.

Any help, tips, comments are all greatly appreciated

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