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1. Posted by Daniellezm45454 (Budding Member 13 posts) 4y


Really need a bit of advice. I want to do 3 months fruit picking as soon as I arrive in OZ so I can get it out the way and get my 2nd year visa.

I'm thinking of heading to coffs harbour and doing it there, as some of the hostes help you find the work. Is coffs a gd area? Will I meet other back packers there?

Will there be fruit picking jan onwards?

After this I plan to head to sydney for a while.



2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5950 posts) 4y

Apples, plums, etc. are in season in January in the southern part of Australia. Not sure what's around the Coffs Harbour area specifically though. Be aware that January and February can also be very hot, so maybe not the most comfortable to be doing manual labour outdoors.

Just in case you're not aware, you don't need to strictly do fruit picking to get that second year visa. Here's a list of all the types of work that are eligible.

3. Posted by Daniellezm45454 (Budding Member 13 posts) 4y

Thank you. I never thought of that. I think its best to work for a bit in sydney until it cools down a bit xx

4. Posted by oziggy (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y

Hi there,

If you are chasing fruit you can download the free National Harvest Guide. This guide has all the information on the harvest trail and how to get started. Please note it's in PDF format and does take a while for the page to load.

All the best

5. Posted by Gene_Sophie (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y


Have you had any luck finding a good area to do fruit picking?

Me and my boyfriend are looking to go to Aussie in march and were hoping to get fruit picking out the way as soon as we can. We want to travel around a little but debating the best place to do so :/

Will be good to hear from you.