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international travel site.. help if you will. :)

Travel Forums General Talk international travel site.. help if you will. :)

1. Posted by i c e (Respected Member 326 posts) 4y

This thread is marked as being about Bolivia

Hello all,

I have been on these forums before but not for a while long. So you might say I am a old newbie or a new oldbie or a returning midbie. Whatever. Lol. (hi I speak fluent English (native), Spanish (second), Portuguese (third) and some French (third). I love this forum and hope to be around here much.

I am going to start a travel site/ art gallery online that will be very expensive and important to me. I have found a template for the site that I think is perfect but I have a few concerns about how it will look in other countries. Especially in third world countries on older browsers and equipment. It is very important to me that when I give (or send) this to a friend or future boss that they are able to open and use the site in there native country as I will be writing in many languages.

I wondered if anyone here could help me out and see if the theme I am going to use opens and functions well in their country. And then pm me or tell me here if they encounter any glitches or problems.

It was built in France.. I am in the USA so that's two countries down.

I assure you this is 100% legit and not in any way a scam or virus. I just need help with this and don't know of any other international audience like this forum.
This is the theme:

Thank you,


2. Posted by i c e (Respected Member 326 posts) 4y

This thread is not about Bolivia. That was a mistake. I said it's been a while. :)

3. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4940 posts) 4y

It's a funky responsive design, but the most important thing on a portfolio/blog, the content, is completely invisible if you turn off JavaScript (tested in current Firefox aurora). There's quite a few big companies where all JavaScript is turned off as a security measure, as well as many people browsing the internet using NoScript (an extension which turns off all JavaScript by default, except on certain sites they visit regularly). For all of those, this "theme" is unsuitable.

4. Posted by i c e (Respected Member 326 posts) 4y

Thank you Sander,

That helps a lot. This site will be replacing a flash site which has become obsolete for that very reason.

I greatly appreciate your feed back.


5. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 4y

can't help you but I love the look of the site. I could do with a site like that. Best of luck with it.

6. Posted by i c e (Respected Member 326 posts) 4y

thanks Zaksame. You did help by just opening it and letting me know that you were able to see everything.