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working holiday visa application OZ

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1. Posted by IainOB1 (Budding Member 30 posts) 11y

I am planning to head to OZ in sept 2006 im 27 so Im stating to save now
I've been trying to find out when the best time to apply for the working holiday visa.?
Do I need the £2000 in my account on applying?
Also I need to know if I can turn 30 while in oz or 31 while on the visa.

I want to do the same in New Zealand the following year so I need to know if i can get the visa for newzealnd before I head to OZ.
And again can I turn 30 or 31 while in Newzealnd on the working holiday visa.?

If any one is in the same position as myself, packing in work and heading off traveling before theyre 30 and has advice then post. Any help with any of my questions would be of great help.

Cheers and good travelling

2. Posted by spike99 (Full Member 25 posts) 11y

Hi Iain

I'm 29. I turn 30 in May. As long as you are granted your visa before you're 31 you'll be fine.

I'll be in Oz for a year then NZ for a year. I left the UK in January and got my NZ visa a week before I left for OZ. That means I need to be in NZ before my NZ Visa expires in January 2006

I would suggest getting your oz visa sorted first. Then try to time it so you get your NZ visa just before you leave for OZ. That gives you a year before your NZ visa expires.

However I believe that NZ are now offering a 2 year working holiday visa which comes into effect in July.

I hope this makes sense.

3. Posted by IainOB1 (Budding Member 30 posts) 11y

Thanks spike

I'd just heard too about the new zealand extended visa which is good news. Lets hope oz follow suit. but heres hoping.

Will you have a flight booked to New zealand in advance or are you going to leave it until near the time? I'm just thinking about when I go into oz if it is going to be a problem not having a return ticket.

Hope you have a good trip

4. Posted by spike99 (Full Member 25 posts) 11y

I didn't have a return ticket either. As long as you have sufficient funds to purchase one they'll let you in. I wasn't asked for any proof of funds on my arrival in OZ but it's woth having the money in your account because I know some people are asked.

I don't have an onward flight booked for NZ as yet.

5. Posted by aimsuk (Full Member 112 posts) 11y

the new zealand visa is being extended to 2 years and you can work for a year, rather then 3 months. also it is changing that you can apply for it from any country, not just your home country. these changes take place from july. i read this in tnt magazine new zealand, last month.