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want to go travelling but not on my own :(

Travel Forums General Talk want to go travelling but not on my own :(

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1. Posted by tanyaw (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y

hi i am tanya would love to go travelling just to scared to go on my own in a dead end job and feel like travelling would just be perfect i just dont no where to start or what to do any help would be great thank youuuuu

2. Posted by Ms independent (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

Hey tanya, i'm near enough in the same boat as you, i just want to get out of england and experience life to the full, where abouts are you living now? Ive been looking into Aus, New Zealand and Canada, Have you any ideas where you want to go or when :)

Lianne x

3. Posted by tanyaw (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y

yeah i just want to get out of england too was looking in to pretty much the same places just really dont no where to start, i am living in leeds at the moment you? well i need to know how much i need and what i need to do first but if it was up to me i would go 2moz lol :) x

4. Posted by AndySN (Budding Member 27 posts) 4y


Aus, and NZ are awesome. Spent 3 years down there. Canada would also be cool, one place I have never been. But South America is cheap, safe and soooooo much to see and do. That has got to be ap place to visit and spend time.

Getting out of the rut is never a bad thing

5. Posted by Rach-P (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

Hi Tanya & Lianne, I'm also in the same boat I want to get out of here and see the world! I've been looking into RTW flight plans and I want to hopefully have money saved etc to be out of here by December latest. Im interested in going Thailand, Vietnam (my friend is living there at the moment) Sydney (another mate there) New Zealand and maybe back via America if its doable money wise.

I've not long got back from travelling solo around China. Two months of being back in a proper job and I just want to get on the next plan out of here!

I really enjoyed my last trip but would prefer to buddy up with like minded people. Give me a shout if your interested.

Im 23 and living in London.

6. Posted by tanyaw (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y

i really am a first timer would love to get a group together and go travelling friends and people at home either tied down or work commitments, i dont know how people go on there own dosnt it scare you?? i really dont no much ow much money i would need etc .....

7. Posted by AndySN (Budding Member 27 posts) 4y

Hi Tanyaw

Traveling is a wonderfully liberating and defining thing. I am more terrified of being stuck in a rut and waking up in 40 years not knowing where life has gone. Have spent most of my life traveling and it can be hard at times, but mostly if you are a "traveler" then it is an awesome thing.

Have been to so many places alone, but experiencing with others is always way better.

Money is always an issue. But if you are willing to sacrifice luxuries, and work along the way and really take a minimalistic way of living, then working along the way, even for just food for the day or shelter is a cool way of doing things too. I have saved an X amount of money, but would like to double it to be very, very sure I can survive a few years on the go.

8. Posted by Rach-P (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

It was a bit bizarre but I actually moved to China because my bloke at the time got a job out there and then we broke up so I thought might as well make the most of it while I'm here and travel about. Its really not that bad doing it solo as you meet people along the way in hostels etc but as this time as I want to go for longer would prefer to go with someone/in a group.

Oz is expensive, some people say its the same if not worse than the UK. SE Asia is dirt cheap, I only had about £800 for three months in China and was fine with that. I'm looking to save about 5k for expenditure, and 1k for the flight package and another couple of hundred for Visa's and insurance.

Best thing to do is research the price of absolutely everythign hostels, trips, flights, food, beer etc. Then set a realistic daily budget for how long you want to be there with extra money for emergencies.

you can cut loads of corners by finding the cheapest places to stay, taking public transport, eating hardly anything etc.

9. Posted by AndySN (Budding Member 27 posts) 4y

I agree entirely Rach.

SE-Asia and certain countries in south america (peru, bolivia, ecuador), dirt cheap and not much cash needed. The more the better, but if you want to experience then a few thousand pounds will be fine. I am looking to permanently travel, work my around when needed for daily shelter, food etc... and spend as long as possible on the road. I have almost 20k, just need a little more then I am dust :-)

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10. Posted by ville-fin (Budding Member 6 posts) 4y

Hi Tanya, Lianne and all others. I m travelling actually second time. India, alone. Not scared but I would not maybe recommend to do this :D

So far everything has been going fine, but also few tough calls have been already.

If u decide to come to India / Thailand, contact me. I should be in the area somewhere.

My friend from Finland has a place in Thailand, and I'm going to rent a place from Goa or Delhi.

Anyway, be safe and cya later.