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1. Posted by ahabbers (Budding Member, 12 posts) 29 Aug '12 07:06

Hey I'm travelling both oz and NZ in early 2013 I'm going alone so just wondering if there's anyone travelling similar dates?! I have passes for both the kiwi and oz experiences and would love to find some travel buddies

Get in touch! :)


2. Posted by Carrielouise123 (Budding Member, 32 posts) 30 Aug '12 04:52

hi alys

i am travellin to sydney march 2013 i am hopeing to work and travel all around austrlia.

What are your plans when you get out there.


3. Posted by ahabbers (Budding Member, 12 posts) 30 Aug '12 05:34

Hi Carrie!

Well I've bought an oz experience pass that takes me from Sydney to Cairns and hoping to do that trip in about 2 and a half months depending on funds! I'm not planning on working though as you only ever get one working visa so want to save that for another time! Where in oz you plan on going?


4. Posted by Carrielouise123 (Budding Member, 32 posts) 30 Aug '12 06:41

hi Alys

I am hopeing on starting in sydeny then heading up the gold coast and just really going from there to cairns, brisbane, melbourne etc i plan on only working for short periods as my main plan is the travel and see load

5. Posted by Pezz (Budding Member, 9 posts) 13 Nov '12 21:34

Hey alys that's pretty smart how long do those passes give you?

6. Posted by ahabbers (Budding Member, 12 posts) 14 Nov '12 09:15

Hey Pezz, they are valid for up to a year but obviously once you leave one place you can go back! So you can spend as long as you want in one place because the buses are hop on hop off as you like! Really great value plus it stops you worrying about transport!
I think the kiwi one may let you do multiple trips within a year but I'm not sure you'd have to check that on the website. Would definitely look into them though!

7. Posted by Pezz (Budding Member, 9 posts) 14 Nov '12 17:44

What's the website called alys? The way you said about not getting a working visa and saving it for another time, what type did you get and how long does that cover? (Sorry I am clueless lol)

8. Posted by ahabbers (Budding Member, 12 posts) 15 Nov '12 01:16

Just type in Kiwi Experience or Oz Experience on google and it will just come up! I've got a 3 month tourist visa, I'm not 100% sure what its exactly called but its only cost £20 for 3 months in Oz! And don't need a visa for NZ if there for less than 6 months. You can have multiple tourist visas for Oz but you just have to leave the country because you can renew (double check that though!) hope this is helpful!

9. Posted by Pezz (Budding Member, 9 posts) 15 Nov '12 04:53

Will do! Yea that 3 month visa is a good idea very smart! Cheers for the help greatly appreciated, good luck and enjoy your travels!!