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cycling/traveling in south/central america...

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1. Posted by johannes.braun (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

dear travelers,

i’m johannes, 30 yo cabinetmaker from germany and since more then 6 years on a journey around our wonderful planet – mostly by bicycle..:)

after my time in new zealand ( beginning of next year ) i plan on cycling/traveling through south and central america, heading north eventually. I usually plan only very vage what to do in one continent, to leave anything quite open for local input and save myself from too much planing and stress ☺

since its just more fun and a bit more save, i would love to have a ( or more then one ) travel partner for some time in america...

so if someone out there reads this and has a yet unsatisfied hunger for adventure, new cultures and the beauty of the americas, would be brilliant to hear from you ☺!

Uh and of corse you are more then wellcome to ask whatever you want ;)

With kind regards, johannes

2. Posted by hollyflorence (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


Johannes, your plan sounds amazing! I've always dreamed of cycling around the world! I'm going to South America next March, have a vague plan of what/ where I want to go but it is open to change. Do you know when you will be in South America? If you still need a cycling partner I would love to join!


3. Posted by johannes.braun (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

hi hollyflorence ( what a name! ;)

hey thanks for writing me and i'm sorry, i didn't check my messages earlier..:(!

hey yeah, definitely a great idea to travel together - so much more fun then alone..:)

i'm pretty much in the same position like you, not much of a plan going on what to do once i'm there :) eventually i'll make my way towards the north, but i'm long on time and hungry for many places and things to see/do.

even though i cycle around the world, i'm not dependent on my bike for every bit of the way and find it quite good, to leave the bike every now and then somewhere with people i trust, just to take of and hitch a ride, jump on a train or a boat for a side trip, if it makes more sense without the bike.
i'm really flexible and relaxed about all that, never liked travelers who are too stubborn on their way, having it all worked out in their head, before they even start haha :) but you sound cool :)

perhaps its good to have a few mails going on, just to get to know each other a little bit better, before we find our selfs suddenly somewhere in the 'pampa' ..:)

just tell you a few lines bout my situation, ok ?!

i'm working and living in nelson, new zealand right now on a awesome job..:) :) end of january my visa over here expires and i'll fly over to s america. not sure yet if i would prefer to arrive in chile or rather argentinia..? will figure that out soon :) started to learn spanish ( cause i really wanna learn that beautiful language slowly once i'm over there - guess there's not much, language wise, else you can do anyway haha ;). will check the season conditions a bit more soon, cause i would love to travel through patagonia, but the wind down there ( especially in the winter ) suppose to be so intense, that its probably not even a smart idea to cycle all of that, without getting frustrated ( and where would be the point in that ? ;) since its a huge continent, with long distances and empty spaces in between towns, i assume its not wrong to plan certain parts/countries a bit ahead, but most of the time i meet other travelers, they seam to be so much better prepared - but i still get there as well haha ;) so if you are a very organized girl, hey nothing wrong with that, i'll just cruise with it :) i'd say, since i have a stove, a tent, warm sleeping bag etc with me ( can be good to have your own stuff - feels less 'dependent' then - but i'm more then happy to share everything too ), its always just water and food supplies we have to be cautious of.
generally i have some experience in cycling in deserts ( azerbaidshan, kazakhstan, china ); in mountains/high altitude ( kirgizthan, tibet ) and the tropics ( s e asia ) already, so i know a bit how to prepare for that and whats important. but i reckon the most important thing always is, to go and start :), listen to your body and don't agonize yourself too much, and take it easy. i know that sounds all common sense, doesn't it ?! :) but once you spend heaps of time on the road ( especially on your own ), at least i figured i had to deal with stuff you never come across sitting in a comfy arm chair back home hahaha ;)

did you ever cycle much before ?

have you been out of good old europe before ?

do you like camping ? or do you have to have a shower every night ?

.. just some random questions for a starter :)

ok hollyflorence :) now i wrote you quite a mail ;) hope you'll write back and it would be a pleasure to get to know you ( pretty sure bout that :)...

just ask whatever you feel like and i'm making sure to check my messages more often now :) let me know if you'd find proper email better then here..

greets to uk, hannes*