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What do you do during long flights?

Travel Forums General Talk What do you do during long flights?

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1. Posted by luvtravelin (Budding Member 24 posts) 3y

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I was wondering what do you do during a long boring flight?

2. Posted by aboo10 (Respected Member 121 posts) 3y

I read, watch movies and sleep where possible. And in the other times I make sure my children are not annoying anyone and are watching movies, drawing, reading, playing with their iPods or sleeping comfortably.

The time really goes quite quickly when you factor in filling in forms and feeding times.

3. Posted by Niels1303 (Full Member 131 posts) 3y

When I´m traveling through different time zones, I try to adjust my sleeping time to the destination time. So for example if the plane would land around 8 am local time, I simply start sleeping 8 hours before. At first it´s hard to sleep on a plane, but the more you travel, the easier it gets!
Otherwise I always bring a book and also make sure that exercise a little bit when I´m awake to avoid any trombosis risk.

4. Posted by laurim (Respected Member 260 posts) 3y

I fly Delta and their partners so on a long flight I usually have a personal seat monitor with all sorts of movies, tv shows and games to pass the time. When the lights go down, I try to sleep but I never can. If I don't have a seat system I'll listen to music, read, play games or watch a movie all on my iPhone.

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6. Posted by krystenj08 (Budding Member 6 posts) 3y

It depends on the flight, but generally I can't sleep on the overnight flights. I usually, like the others mentioned above, play the games on the seat monitor or watch movies. Also, depending on whose sitting next to me and whether they can't sleep, are interested in talking, and are someone you wouldn't mind talking to: sometimes that's the best place to get to know someone!

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9. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1796 posts) 3y

I can't sleep. Reading is difficult. I mostly get bored and count the hours I have left of that awful trip.

10. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3695 posts) 3y

I play games, watch lots of stuff on the entertainment system and sleep. Luckily I find it fairly easy to sleep on planes as I'm small so can normally find a comfortable position. I also get up frequently to stretch my legs and walk around the cabin.