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First time travelling: need advise, help and a buddy

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41. Posted by jo_t123 (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

yea i agree, i dont want anymore regrets. Just feel selfish leaving a relationship after 6years to persue this 'mad notion' as he puts it. he says for me to go on and do it, but i doubt hel wait with open arms on my return, so therefore id be going through a break up n im sure that would make any trip miserable.

thanks for any advice guys :(

42. Posted by AThomas92 (Budding Member 27 posts) 4y

you just dont want to hold a grudge against them as you may feel later on that he was the reason for u not going, if he tells u to go and he says hed stay with u... surely after 6 years he would other wise hes noy worth it anyway.

43. Posted by iamNATx (Budding Member 43 posts) 4y

Hmm i dunno
it is a big ask to ask someone to wait
but yeah, 6 years is a long time to just give up, i guess

44. Posted by jo_t123 (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

hey girls-thanks for chatting to my bro last night (he spent a year working in oz) he said he never saw much of the place he suggested a compromise...apparantly people rent them campervans in one city n drive round n leave it in another. he suggested Darwin right round the whole country and finish in cairns spend a month or i got chatting to the other half last night and wev decided to take a 3wk hol in a years time and go together and start in melbourne n head up the east coast n see sydney, brisbane, gold coast surfers paradise and finish up in cairns. it about £900 to rent the camper for 3weeks n u can sleep n eat and wash in it ( no toilet) but im really buzzing at the idea- it means i get to do the travelling and see everything i want to see and still keep my man!

45. Posted by toursnorthindia (Inactive 2 posts) 4y

If you details explain about travel require then I can explain.

46. Posted by AThomas92 (Budding Member 27 posts) 4y

thats a brilliant idea... i wouldnt mind doing that myself!

47. Posted by jo_t123 (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

it is the more i think about it!
maybe if i were single the idea of packin up and leavin would be more appealing cos this worlds a big place n i wana see it! but it would cost a fortune to do a round world trip but im thinking every year or every other year taking 3-4wks n doing these road trips. wouldnt mind doing west coast of america either LA and san francisco down into mexico! maybe in a few years time!

hope all works out with ur travels!

48. Posted by Ravinder50 (Budding Member 16 posts) 4y

I'm currently in the USA to follow my dream of travelling across this great country for a little over two months. I've never really been away from home, from my family do this is a completely new experience for me all together. I've always wanted to the USA and always been fascinated by this country. I was gonna do it 3 years ago with my cousin but things never worked out and she couldn't go and then I pulled out too because of it and ever since then I regretted it. Late last year I decided 2012 was gonna be it. I was defo gonna do it. I persuaded my friend at the time to do it for me or so I thought but he let me down big time at the start of this year but I was determined to do it by myself this time. This did concern me a bit and mainly it concerned my family more. But I learned personally that I can't always rely on others and I shouldn't have to hold back in my life because other people letting me down. And now here I am. I can honestly say I am having the time of my life right now. I have never been so
happy and stress free. I have another 6 weeks yet and I can't wait to do more travelling. So far I have been to New York, Philadelphia and currently in Washington DC. I've met quite a few new people to including a wonderful woman in new York and she got us free tickets to the US open final! I couldn't believe it. I watched our home talent Andy Murray win his first major. I can I was there! I'm so glad I did it. I worked my ass off to save all the money and it's taken me ages but I got there and here I am living the American dream. All by myself. :-)

49. Posted by iamNATx (Budding Member 43 posts) 4y

that's awesome to hear Ravinder!

That's exactly how I feel right now.
Everyone keeps telling me to wait another year and they'll come ... but it's the same people who were meant to come THIS year, and they'll probably back out again.
I don't want put my dream on hold or I may regret it.

I'm glad you were brave enough to go it on your own, and that it all worked out for you.
YAY. :)

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