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How to approach Patagonia from Santiago?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean How to approach Patagonia from Santiago?

1. Posted by oeksen37 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

I am a Dane, having bypassed to 70's of age, however, still in a rather good physical condition, have travelled in a lot of countries, and have now booked a trip to Santiago, where I shall arrive (solo traveler) one of the last days in October this year. A visit to the Atacama dessert with a 4-5 days stay have already been booked. So far so good. I must travel back to Denmark again from Santiago on November 29th. Meanwhile I would like to see the Patagionian "icons", but I have no knowledge whatsoever about how to spend the 3 weeks, what to see there, and how to come to the most attractive places, preferably to AIRPORTS rather close to them. I am not traveling as a backpacker/tent etc - have done that sufficiently years ago, but I have no problems walking in general.

My trip to Patagonia has first and foremost a photographic scope, however, I have not been able to trace specific photo-tours to Patagonia in the month of November this year. So it seems as if I will have to travel alone, and it's also alright for me.

The places mentioned below are such which I would like to see - amongst others, which you, dear readers, might suggest:

Palena/Aysén (a.o. Volcan Michinmahuida)
Lago Carrera (The Marble Caverns etc)
Chacabuco Valley
Torres de Paine (Perito Moreno)

However, I am given to understand that some of these may be very difficult to access by public transportation means? Again, I seem to have got an opinion that there may NOT be flying possibility BETWEEN" these places. Does that mean that one will always have to return back to Santiago in order to go to the "next" place? Or could you suggest an ideal "Hub"/"platform" enabling me to reach these places without having to return back to Santiago. I am not so fond of traveling more days and nights by busses. Again I must end up in Santiago on the 28th November, the day before my departure to Denmark.

I would be most grateful for any good advice enabling me to proceed with my detailed planning.