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21. Posted by NiuMei84 (Full Member 113 posts) 11y

Brazil is number uno and dos es Bhutanese..lovin' the dragon in the middle!It's colourful and lovely!

22. Posted by orienteyec (Full Member 84 posts) 11y

I think China's flad is the most beautiful flag:D

23. Posted by ausspan (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

I deem Spanish flag is very colourful and very representative, I consider it one of my favourites. I also think the Australian flag is lovely, I mean the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL FLAG, it represents something that few countries represent in their flags, the historic inheritance, and also astronomical elements, like the southern cross, and also the federation star where it is represented all the Aussie states and even the ANTARCTICA.

I like also the flag of Kazakhstan, it is very original, the sun and eagle and the smooth, bright blue of the flag.

24. Posted by grasshoppa (Full Member 202 posts) 10y

The Brazilian flag has always appealed to me, not for any particular reason it just looks good

25. Posted by grasshoppa (Full Member 202 posts) 10y

oh ya... and the Canadian flag for the same reason

26. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 10y

Wales has good flag. You can't argue with a dragon.

I just searched a website of flags and I really like the Flag of Kiribati (a group of tiny islands in the pacific)
Its a sunset/sunrise(?) over the sea and a bird flying....ahh.

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27. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 10y

Kiribati certainly is nice.
I like the Macedonian flag as well.
And for its simplicity the Libyan flag: just green. As far as I know the only flag with just one colour.

28. Posted by Winkekatze (Full Member 41 posts) 10y

The flag I like most is the Kenyan flag with the Massai shield and two spears on it, but I also like South Africa because it's so colourful.