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Who's doing Australia 2013 on his/her own?!?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Who's doing Australia 2013 on his/her own?!?

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81. Posted by louisekerry (Budding Member, 8 posts) 4 Jan '13 05:57

Hey, I'll be going to Brisbane from London in March by myself for a year but I'll be staying with some family. Never travelled before, scary! :P

82. Posted by lozza12 (Budding Member, 17 posts) 5 Jan '13 12:10

Are you just going to Brisbane or are you travelling around???

83. Posted by a_ellis91 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 5 Jan '13 15:14

Hey I'm getting to Sydney on the 27th February, first time travelling and on my own. Glad to see other are scared to :)

84. Posted by lozza12 (Budding Member, 17 posts) 5 Jan '13 15:20

Yeah I'm nervous but excited at the same time!! What are your plans whilst you are there??

85. Posted by DomQ (Budding Member, 4 posts) 6 Jan '13 00:22

Hi Guys,

I'm in Australia since mid November and I'm slowly doing a road trip on the east cost up to cairns. For those of you who want to do the same, better start in adelaide or melbourne cause theres such amazing things to do and see, if you land in Sydney you'll regret to miss VIC.
btw im in the blue mountains and I have a car.. im looking for someone motivated to do a lot of stuff included fruit picking for beginning and then a awesome roadtrip !


86. Posted by DomQ (Budding Member, 4 posts) 6 Jan '13 00:27

You don't have to be scared..if you have at least 3000$ and youre staying in cheap hostels. It is really easy to find jobs in the YHA (for the boys)! You can earn up to 160$ per day in labour jobs !

87. Posted by becky.e.m (Budding Member, 6 posts) 6 Jan '13 15:20


I'm in the same boat (glad it's not just me with nothing organised yet!), no flights booked but heading out to Sydney solo around Feb / March - was thinking about doing a week with Oz intro / ultimate Oz to meet people as it's been recommended by a friend... again not sure on that
Hoping to stay about a year so going to get a whv, and want to see as much as I can east coast and west coast, thinking probably start on the east coast
Pm me as would love to hear from others who are in similar situation :-)


88. Posted by Alsif (Budding Member, 41 posts) 7 Jan '13 03:14


Thanks for your post very helpful, it's good to speak to someone who's already out there, can you add me on fb I need few question to ask you, if you don't mind thanks :) find me under Ali Sarlak


89. Posted by DomQ (Budding Member, 4 posts) 7 Jan '13 13:44

I cant find you, there is to many ali sarlak... lol

90. Posted by Alsif (Budding Member, 41 posts) 7 Jan '13 13:47

Lool right my profile picture is me and my friend both wearing sunglasses, what's your fb and what's your profile picture?!

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