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What are the best beach resorts in Tunisia

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East What are the best beach resorts in Tunisia

1. Posted by fcAnnie (Budding Member, 32 posts) 11 Oct '12 23:30


These days Tunisia is back as popular and amazing holiday destination. What are the best beach holiday resorts in Tunisia for a family ? I heard about Hammamet, Skanes and Sousse are the most popular beaches there but which one is the best? Where My family cm also enjoy .

2. Posted by Tomcruise59 (Budding Member, 4 posts) 12 Oct '12 02:21


Without wasting time, I want to post the reply of your query. Hammamet & Yassmine Hammamet is popular because it is calm, quiet, yet has a great nightlife and wonderful beaches.

3. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru, 1747 posts) 12 Oct '12 04:08

Do be careful of sunbathing there. I went on a tour which included a trip into the desert for an hour and I came back noticeably more tanned.

4. Posted by fcAnnie (Budding Member, 32 posts) 15 Oct '12 03:49

What are the other places one can explore in Tunisia except beaches?

5. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator, 5555 posts) 15 Oct '12 04:38

Quoting fcAnnie

What are the other places one can explore in Tunisia except beaches?

I am not sure why you ask such a broad question?
I understand that people ask specific questions here if they are unsure about things, want to have their itinerary checked etc etc.

But questions like this are a bit suspicious and by that I mean that you are gaining information for other purposes than your own travelling. Checking your posts and general questions about all sorts of destinations and within a very short time frame, this seems the case.

Otherwise, you can just google Tunisia highlights and check the internet. Check our Tunisia article or on wikipedia or wikitravel.

Really and with all respect, but what's your real purpose here?

6. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 15 Oct '12 05:27

I agree Mike.

'Annie' clearly has alterior motives, and already has a number of deleted threads/posts to her name.

Annie, let's say you worked for an SEO company in India and were here to try and create a conversation which at some stage would let you plug a really terrible site, say something rhyming with, then really, we all would prefer you just didn't post here and instead bothered our competitors' travel forums :)

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