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Europe Solo Travel for 3 months!

Travel Forums Europe Europe Solo Travel for 3 months!

1. Posted by Tam_j (Budding Member, 32 posts) 31 Oct '12 06:03

Hey All!

Just came across this site, it seems like a good starting point to get needed travel info!

It's my first time traveling to Europe next year in May, for the first 3 months I will be with a few friends then from September-December I'll be going the journey solo. I'll be in Italy-Germany-Montenegro-Croatia and decided to venture to Egypt and Morocco too :).

Just wondering if there's any tips for the countries mentioned and if anyone else is heading that way!

2. Posted by gdickson16 (Budding Member, 13 posts) 1 Nov '12 05:42

I'll be in Croatia all of June, Italy part of July and Germany in late September.

You should be fine, but just remember that Italy/Germany are part of Schengen. So of the 6 months you plan to travel only 3 (or 90 days in a 180 day period) can be spent in this zone.

It's really messed with our 9 month trip.

3. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru, 1747 posts) 1 Nov '12 05:51

Egypt is still unsettled in places at times so do check first. Spain is just a short ferry ride from Morocco so you may want to get there that way?

Note: The winter months can be very cold (and this year wet) in northern Europe so better to be down south.

4. Posted by Tam_j (Budding Member, 32 posts) 2 Nov '12 00:55

Thanks for the pointers :).

The Schengen Period is annoying but I have deviced an itinerary to make sure I don't overstay 90 days. As for Egypt and Morocco I'm doing tours which comes in handy.

Definitely plan on being in warmer weather come the cold months :)

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6. Posted by chardcrest (Budding Member, 20 posts) 10 Jan '13 00:12

Traveling with friends will make your journey more memorable. Well, it is more fun than to do solo travel.

7. Posted by Tam_j (Budding Member, 32 posts) 10 Jan '13 00:16

I am traveling with friends for the first 3 months of my journey but they've gotta head home. I'm sure like many others there's always to new faces and new travel buddies along the way :)

8. Posted by rort (Budding Member, 4 posts) 10 Jan '13 20:09

Well ill be in Europe from end of Sept for about...4 wk..