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Anyone going to Melbourne in 2013?!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Anyone going to Melbourne in 2013?!

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1. Posted by jasminemonrouxe (Budding Member, 6 posts) 4 Nov '12 17:01

I'm travelling alone to Melbourne in January 2013. I am staying with my sister in Toorak until I can find a room in a shared house or whatever. I would really love to meet some fun, new and outgoing people in my travels so is anyone going to be in Melbourne at the same time?!

I don't have much of a plan but would like to work for a few months in Melbourne before travelling the East Coast and maybe New Zealand. I just don't wanna do it alone! i'm so nervous but also SO exciting, I've never been to Australia but have heard only good things :)

2. Posted by Renae84 (Budding Member, 5 posts) 6 Nov '12 20:52

Hey, I'm in Melbourne from feb 2013, only there for few days before flying to Alice springs. Your so lucky to have a sister already there. I'm goin alone so would be nice to meet someone to hang out with for my few days there. Haven't a clue what to go etc.
Hayley :)

3. Posted by ahabbers (Budding Member, 12 posts) 12 Nov '12 10:20

Hey if your planning on working in Melbourne for a few months before travelling the east coast our paths could cross! I'm heading to Melbourne early march then heading up the east coast for two and a half months! If that's something you're also interested in doing let me know :) would be nice to have a travel buddy!


4. Posted by chris421 (Budding Member, 14 posts) 12 Nov '12 12:05

Hey Jasmine,

I'll be in Melbourne the same time as you. I'm coming from Canada with plans to work in Melbourne from mid-January to mid-February. After that I'm heading to Sydney's Northern Beaches for a month then I'll make my way up the east coast over the next month.

Hopefully it's not too tough to find work in Melbourne. I'm planning on staying in a hostel; although, ideally I'd like to live with some students or other travellers.

5. Posted by skd_lsp (Budding Member, 8 posts) 1 Dec '12 06:20

Hi Jasmine,
I'll be doing a similar thing to you -staying with a cousin until I find a job and roomshare (or live in job?) hehe! I should be in Melbourne mid-January and want to head towards east coast after Melbourne, although Sydney for Mardi Gras is also on my to do list hehe :-)
I'll prob be in Melbourne a couple of months for work (hopefully) and then heading off again, so def let me know if u wana meet up :-)

6. Posted by jasminemonrouxe (Budding Member, 6 posts) 2 Dec '12 11:26

that all sounds so awesome!
I have my flights booked now and arriving in Melbourne on the 16th of January :) I am going to stay with my sister to start with but I'm hoping to only be there a few weeks as I'd like to find a room in a house with other students/backpackers too :D and then hopefully begin to make my way up the East Coast around May/June.
Feel free to add me on facebook so we can keep in touch and let each other know our plans and what not!

7. Posted by Peroni (Budding Member, 9 posts) 3 Dec '12 11:06

Hi! Looks like I'm doing a similar thing too, I've flown from the UK over to New Zealand and I'm planning on being here until February time, then off to Melbourne! I have family to stay with in Mornington initially, but it's not very central so will be looking for places to stay/work in the city pretty quickly, then after head up the east coast! :) glad to see I'm not the only one doing it, I'm very nervous!

8. Posted by LucyLoo1 (Budding Member, 14 posts) 3 Dec '12 15:57

I'm gonna be in Melbourne early feb too :) I'm soo excited to just get out there :)

9. Posted by GingeJosh (Budding Member, 19 posts) 13 Dec '12 03:36

I'm in Melbourne from the 12th Feb as well, Looks like there are quite a few people going to Melbourne around then :D So excited about going! Glad I am definitely not going to be the only person traveling there alone haha


10. Posted by mithril (Budding Member, 7 posts) 13 Dec '12 03:55

Same over here, going out to Melbourne mid-feb. We've started a group for everyone from here or anyone going to Australia in 2013 on facebook, for easy checkup with everyone and like a place to always be able to stay in touch with everyone.

add me @ and I'll add you into the group! 4 members so far! Going strong :-)