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21. Posted by Tjpotter (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y

Don't worry we all have a little geek in us. I would never read when I was younger, too obsessed with playing sports. But my mom bought me comic books and that peaked my interest in reading. I still read them today. Did you know that there is a world of Harry potter amusement park? As far as London goes, if i can see abbey road, St. Paul's cathedral, buckingham palace, and the British museum I will be happy. Oh, and hit some great pubs along the way.

22. Posted by Laura.S (Budding Member 15 posts) 4y

Oh hell yes I know there is! I really want to go! I might go to the states in 2014 with a friend, so have to stop off at the theme park for sure then! She hasn't read the books but l will drag her there regardless.

Comic books aren't big in NZ. I haven't really listed what I have to go see in London yet. Want to see it all haha. Pubs are a must though.

Yes I have put some of those songs on my phone since watching it :) I'm excited that I will get two summers next year!

23. Posted by Tam_j (Budding Member 32 posts) 4y

Thanks for the list Travis, getting me excited for next year :).

Laura, I too can't wait to get two summers haha

24. Posted by sara.l (Budding Member 8 posts) 4y

Hey guys
I'm looking for a travel buddy too. I'm Australian and will be spending about half a year in Europe next year. I'm not sure yet if I will be based in the UK or in France but either way, I'm very keen to go to Tomorrowland!
I'm wondering how difficult it will be to get tickets though...I've heard they sell out really quickly.

25. Posted by Tjpotter (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y

Belgian citizens get first chance at pre sale tickets. Do you all know any Belgians lol?

26. Posted by sara.l (Budding Member 8 posts) 4y

Hmm. That's a good point, I'll look into that. My old man has a friend in Belgium with sons only a little older than me who might be able to help out but I'm not pinning my hopes on it.
I'll probably have to find out about restrictions though - would there be a name on the ticket that has to match my ID, can Belgians buy for foreigners, etc.?

27. Posted by tommcc (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

I'm also a Kiwi and am planning on hitting up Tomorrowland 2013. It'll be the event that kicks off my backpacking around Europe.

If I can get a 3-day pass and Dreamville Camping tickets I plan on arriving a few days early in Brussels to check out the place and sort out tents/sleeping bag/booze before heading to Boom. If I can't get the standalone tickets, I'll get a travel package (which don't sell out as fast as the normal tickets) from maybe Germany or Prague.

I have been told that if you get a travel package, it's all organised for you so things like buses to pick you up from the train/airport to take you straight to the site and back so there isn't any time to spend in Brussels (unless you don't take the return trip).

Flags appear to be fairly prominent, so no doubt you'll see a bunch of Kiwi/Aussie flags around the place. Camping seems to be fairly hectic too, with it being a mad rush to secure a site. My only concern, coming from overseas and wanting to camp, is the fact I won't be able to bring much stuff. I'd either buy/rent tent + sleeping bag but won't have say a camp chair or other useful things. I dunno. I hear those pre-setup tent deals (for 200e) are a bit lame because they're separated from everyone else.

28. Posted by Tam_j (Budding Member 32 posts) 4y

Good point Travis, wish i knew someone in Belgium but i guess we just gotta cross our fingers!

29. Posted by Laura.S (Budding Member 15 posts) 4y

Hi Tom :) I have the exact same concerns as well, coming from NZ and trying to sort camping gear out while I am over there. I figured I could just bring a tent with me and ditch it afterwards. Or just use my sense of adventure and figure it out when I get over there. As long as I have tickets to go, I am happy.

My friends who went this year told me about the travel packages, so I was going to look into all of that once they release the ticket information next year.

Can you bring booze into the camp site, or is it purchase only on site?

I want to spend time in London before the festival, then fly or train to Boom the day before the festival starts. Will be able to source a tent in London I am sure.

Where in NZ are you from?

Travis - totally wish I had some long lost relatives in Belgium right now! But Tam is right, just have to cross our fingers :)

30. Posted by tommcc (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Yeah my plan would be to either find somewhere to rent it, or find a cheap warehouse-type place to buy a cheap tent. Who knows, if I can find light enough gear I could keep it so I can camp around Europe. I don't really want to take bulky stuff with me from NZ.

I'm in Auckland, btw.

You can bring as much alcohol as you want into Dreamville as long as it's not in glass bottles. You can't take any into the actual Tomorrowland site, instead you buy the tokens to exchange for food/drinks.

I've also read that with the travel packages, you have to use the ride to Brussels because if you aren't on the train/plane, the return leg of the travel package is cancelled. I'm not sure if this is entirely true; I plan on getting in touch with organisers about this once more details are out. I'd like to arrive in Brussels on my own schedule and then use the outgoing flight to continue my travels i.e not take the flight/ride into Brussels.