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were do you begin?

Travel Forums General Talk were do you begin?

1. Posted by tracey90 (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 11 Dec '12 12:21

i want to travel but i have no idea were to begin. i want it to involve in the job i do but how?

2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru, 1497 posts) 11 Dec '12 14:24

How can anyone offer advice when you give no clue whatsoever regarding your job skills that you want to use on the trip... or anything about your budget, time you'd like to be away, likes/dislikes, travel style, etc...


3. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin, 595 posts) 11 Dec '12 15:57

Hi Tracey,

Does the occupation on your profile mean plant nursery or hospital carer?

4. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru, 1497 posts) 11 Dec '12 16:27

I never clicked on her profile... good observation... that's actually kinda funny...

Standing by, Tracey.


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6. Posted by Mona89 (Budding Member, 27 posts) 5 Days Ago

Neither Kelly.

In the UK a nursery is a daycare center for children :P

7. Posted by KellieBarnes (Admin, 595 posts) 4 Days Ago

Ha! Waited over a year and a half for an answer

Oh well, hope the OP found what she was looking for.

8. Posted by JaswinderSingh (Budding Member, 4 posts) 4 Days Ago

Search this on Google and you will get info about what you looking for. -snip-

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