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Oz/NZ Itinerary - comments?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Oz/NZ Itinerary - comments?

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1. Posted by JMJimmy (Inactive 30 posts) 11y

Ok so I've been putting some thought into this and I'd love some feedback from those who live/have been there as to any events I'd be missing or bad times of year to visit certain places. So far I've just factored in direction, time I want to spend in certain locations and weather.

- Week 1 : Flight in/Darwin
- Week 2 : Darwin/Darwin to Cairns
- Week 3 : Darwin to Cairns/Cairns
- Week 4 : Cairns
- Week 1 : Cairns to Brisbane
- Week 2 : Cairns to Brisbane/Brisbane
- Week 3 : Brisbane/Brisbane to Sydney
- Week 4 : Brisbane to Sydney
- Week 1 : Brisbane to Sydney/Sydney
- Week 2 : Sydney to Auckland
- Week 3 : North Island
- Week 4 : North Island
- Week 1 : North Island
- Week 2 : South Island
- Week 3 : South Island
- Week 4 : South Island
- Week 5 : South Island/Wellington to Sydney
- Week 1 : Sydney to Canaberra
- Week 2 : Canaberra to Melbourne
- Week 3 : Melbourne
- Week 4 : Melbourne to Launceston
- Week 1 : Launceston to Hobart
- Week 2 : Hobart to Launceston
- Week 3 : Launceston to Melbourne
- Week 4 : Melbourne to Adelaide
- Week 1 : Adelaide
- Week 2 : Adelaide to Alice Springs
- Week 3 : Alice Springs
- Week 4 : Alice Springs to Darwin/flight out

There's an extra week buffer I can throw in anywhere on top of built in buffers for unknowns/plan changes/problems.

I'm sure this will be modified twelve ways from sunday between now and the time I go but hey - I don't have a clue yet so feedback is great! and very much appreciated!

Also, I figure about $500/week so $15k for the whole trip + $5k incidentals/extras that sound realistic?



2. Posted by IAMSAM (Budding Member 12 posts) 11y

only comments (im from near sydney) is dont bother planning to spend more then a day in canberra because there is absolutely nothing there!

3. Posted by JMJimmy (Inactive 30 posts) 11y

LOL, noted. I've already modified it a bit already, starting in Alice springs now for the two festivals in the first and third weeks and hitting Sydney for the big Xmas bash (I'll have to pre-book that one way ahead). Shortens my time in NZ by a week but I figure I'll end up doing a second trip sometime in the future to do NZ exclusively.

Thanks for the tip though - I had a suspicion Canbarra was akin to Ottawa, "nice" but not all that interesting unless you're a political junkie.


4. Posted by s0f (Full Member 163 posts) 11y

I wouldn't spend that long in Brisbane ... It ain't that much of a big city...

I'd go Brisbane (3 - 5 days), Gold Coast (3 - 5 days) then down to Sydney.

Other QLD/Northern NSW destinations: Noosa (1.5 hours North of Brisbane), Byron Bay (1.5 hours south of the Gold Coast).

I've lived on the Gold Coast (southern Queensland) and Sydney and grew up in Melbourne so if you have any specific questions about the eastern coast of Oz ask away!

5. Posted by JMJimmy (Inactive 30 posts) 11y

Thanks Soapsuds, I appreciate that (and I'll definately take you up on it over the next several months :) ). In general I don't plan to spend all that much time in the cities with the noted exceptions of Sydney and Melbourne. I'm not much of a "shopper" so they'll mostly be for re-supplying, culture, and special events. Most of my time I hope to spend on the journey inbetween the cities listed checking out the adventures and natural 'wonders' to be found.


6. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1160 posts) 11y


just noticed you are planning to fly from Wellington back to Sydney. As it is on the North Island you'd have to take the Cook strait ferry a second time (if you're not flying) to get back there from the South Island. I found going oneway already a bit expensive, so you should maybe check flights from Christchurch to Australia.
Have a brilliant time down under!


7. Posted by waitawa (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y

I would suggest more time in the north island of nz, I prefer it to the south island, also you could probably cut a bit of time off tassie, even though I have been there numerous times, three weeks may be a bit long .

8. Posted by waitawa (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y

By the way, don't miss Cradle Mountain National Park while you are in Tassie, stay overnight you will see some fantastic nocturnal wildlife. If travelling in the North Island don't miss the Hokianga area to really get away from the madding crowds

9. Posted by JMJimmy (Inactive 30 posts) 11y

Wonderful suggestions everyone, thank you. Although I'm wondering about these maddening cows? :) Also, is the ferry really that expensive? I would have thought there'd be a bridge or at the very least it would be subsidised by the gov.

Here's my latest revision:

- Week 1 : Flight in/Alice Springs
- Week 2 : Alice Springs
- Week 3 : Alice Springs to Darwin
- Week 4 : Darwin
- Week 1 : Darwin to Cairns
- Week 2 : Cairns
- Week 3 : Cairns to Brisbane
- Week 4 : Cairns to Brisbane/Brisbane
- Week 1 : Brisbane/Brisbane Auckland
- Week 2 : North Island
- Week 3 : North Island
- Week 4 : North Island/South Island
- Week 1 : South Island
- Week 2 : South Island
- Week 3 : South Island/Churchill to Sydney
- Week 4 : Sydney
- Week 5 : Sydney
- Week 1 : Sydney to Canberra
- Week 2 : Canberra to Melbourne
- Week 3 : Melbourne
- Week 4 : Melbourne to Tasmania
- Week 1 : Tasmania
- Week 2 : Tasmania
- Week 3 : Tasmania to Melbourne
- Week 4 : Melbourne to Adelaide
- Currently up in the air... possibly Perth, not sure. may just leave it open to wander wherever or go back to somewhere I'd wished to spend more time.

I also have a few schools of thought on the time in NZ, one is to leave NZ for another time, put those extra six weeks into the trip from Alice Springs to Sydney, or take the extra time & put NZ off till January & skip Adelaide, simply fly back from Tasmania.

I love doing the planning - I'm sure week 1 all of it will be out the window and I'll either want desperately to go home (YA RIGHT!) or I'll meet up with someone and just go with the flow.

Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions everyone.


10. Posted by soliqa (Respected Member 284 posts) 11y


From what I know the ferry can be fairly pricey. I'm pretty sure the company that does the majority of the crossings is InterIslander Ferries, and most go between Wellington (North Island) and Picton (South Island), taking about three hours for a one-way crossing. Your itineary sounds great, your sure to love Australia, its a beautiful country.

If you have any questions particularly on Western Australia or Queensland feel free to message me and I'll try and help you,