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travel oz / nz for 6 to 12 months no working

Travel Forums Travel Companions travel oz / nz for 6 to 12 months no working

1. Posted by s morrissey (Budding Member, 11 posts) 22 Dec '12 14:57

hi . im looking to travel around oz and nz , to old for temp work visa(46 years young) so have funds sorted to cover 12 months. is anyone else in this position ie , dont need to work so free to move about as and when . i dont know back pack / bus or pick up a estate car or van . im looking at dong, scuba , rock climb, surf(learn to), mountin bike and up for most sports. sean.

2. Posted by Carls travels (Budding Member, 22 posts) 26 Dec '12 16:41

Hi Sean
I'm in the same boat, sold everything so have funds for at least 12 months, I arrive in Sydney next week :)
I'm up for doing all adventure sports, scuba diving with sharks, skydiving, bungie jumping, surfing etc......time live life before Its too late!

3. Posted by s morrissey (Budding Member, 11 posts) 27 Dec '12 14:10

hi, im just trying to get a 12 month visa sorted out befor i travel. have you already got a plan for your movments or are you making it up as you go along ? i was interested in finding out if it,s best to join the back pack / bus travel or to just get a van/camper/estate car . do you have a 3 or 12 month visa ? you say u land in sydney , were are u traviling from ?