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Hello Everyone!

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1. Posted by itscolduphere (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 28 Dec '12 03:07

I need your help!

This may sound like a bizarre request but I need to try.

Here is the background story:

My girlfriend and I had planned a trip but she became very ill and has
been diagnosed with a medical condition I won’t discuss here. As a
result we have been forced to cancel our plans.

She is going through a very rough time and I have been trying to come
up with a way to make her smile again.

This is what I came up with… I would like to ask if anyone here spends
any time at any beach around the world if they could take a quick
picture for me and email it to me.

Where we live its –30 and snowy.

I would ask that you write our first names in the beach sand ( Tim &
Kristen) and write the (location) then take a picture for me from your
phone or camera and email it to me at your leisure.

I’m not sure yet how I will repay the people that take the time to do
this but I promise you I will turn it into something so special for

You can write anything really. Feel free to be creative.

Tim and Kristen with a heart drawn around
Tim Loves Kristen or any variation.
Then write the location below it. Example Greece, Cuba etc.

If you choose to include your name or names or a picture of
yourselves that would be great too! I would love to see the faces of
the people that would take the time to make this happen! I promise to
keep you in the loop and I’m sure Kristen and I will reply to everyone
when she is strong enough to.

Anyone interested please message me on this forum and I will get right
back to you.

Thank you everyone for reading!
Happy New Year to all!

Tim & Kristen

2. Posted by Isadora (Moderator, 13924 posts) 28 Dec '12 11:15

I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend and hope she'll be able to recover soon so you can take that trip at some point. The best I can do is write your names in the snow and call it a white sandy beach in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Illinois. :(

I hope you receive lots of responses and photos! ;)

(Been battling an 'unknown' condition for 2 years which has caused us to cancel plans - some as simple as a trip to the grocery store. I yearn for a sandy beach where the temps are warm, water aqua and there is sunshine. I'd even accept the occasional daily 10 minute rain.)

Best wishes with this endeavor as it's a good one.

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