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1. Posted by AThomas92 (Budding Member, 27 posts) 28 Dec '12 04:31

Ive recently come across a group called Camp America.. does anyone know much about this? Im interesting in travelling America and this seems like an opportunity

thanks :)


2. Posted by AxelTheTraveler (Budding Member, 5 posts) 29 Dec '12 23:26

Hi! I don´t know about the camp America, I´m new on forum, but if you want to know more about Guatemala I can give you a little oriented. I live in Guatemala City, Central America. Have a nice day :)

3. Posted by AThomas92 (Budding Member, 27 posts) 3 Jan '13 19:06

yes please if you wouldnt mind :)

4. Posted by AxelTheTraveler (Budding Member, 5 posts) 3 Jan '13 20:41

Not at all :)

You can ask me all you want ;) or I can say you the places more visited here :)

5. Posted by Kezminda (Budding Member, 2 posts) 4 Jan '13 13:49

I did camp America a few summers ago. Best summer of my life. Work on a summer camp looking after children, usually teaching them a sport for two months. U get 1day off a week. I earned 900 dollars for the time there, but all accom, activities and food paid for, then I travelled down east coast of America with all the friends I'd made on camp until my visa ran out. Brief summary :)