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1. Posted by CatF (Budding Member, 6 posts) 3 Jan '13 00:49

Hey there,

I am looking to fly to Brisbane maybe april/may, I will be travelling alone and I really don't want to do that long trip alone, plus I am afraid that I will not meet people when I get there. A few of my friends have already being there and said that it is so easy to make friend etc. I will be travelling from Dublin, also I am 30 so I have to go before I turn 31, leaving it a bit later, but better late than never


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2. Posted by HeyMem (Budding Member, 6 posts) 3 Jan '13 01:10

Hi Catherine,
I'm hoping we can help each other out with information here. I am 30 living in Australia. If you are planning on staying in Backpackers etc I don't think you will have any trouble at all making friends etc. There are tours you can join but public transport is reasonably priced so it is a waste of money joining tours. One recomendation is to read reviews of the places you are thinking about staying, a couple have a shady reputation or are a 24 hour party, and I am considering my 30 year old self when I say this because sometimes I want to actually sleep in a Hostel. I am positive you will easily meet like minded travellers!

My question for you is similar to what you have asked. I am 30 (also leaving it late) and coming to UK and Ireland next year. My stresses are exactly the same. Everyone keeps telling me I will meet up with people and make friends easily. Is this the case with the backpacking scene in ireland?

Thanks Mem

3. Posted by CatF (Budding Member, 6 posts) 3 Jan '13 01:18

Hi Mem,
Thanks for getting back to me, I have friends living in Brisbane, but I only want to stay with them for a week ot two then head off and meet new people. I did hear that a few of the hostel's are 24 hours parties I wouldnt mind that sometimes but as you said I like my sleep too.

You will have no problem at all meeting new friends in Ireland, everyone is friendly anytime I am out with my friends we always get chatting to people that are travelling and we always have good fun. I am from Dublin which can be a little more expensive than other parts of Ireland and would be more expensive than the UK, but I think a trip to Ireland would be worth it, you will love it.


4. Posted by kmwain (Budding Member, 73 posts) 3 Jan '13 05:46

Hi There Catherine..

I am looking to head there in either May or June of this year. Like yourself, I will be heading there alone!

I'm very nervous and so anyone that I meet that is in the same position will only ease these nerves for me! :)

5. Posted by CatF (Budding Member, 6 posts) 3 Jan '13 05:51

Hi Kmwain

I know is is very scarey doing it alone but it is a chacne of a life time, I dont know anyone that is going they are already there or are just back. I have to go before June so I need to get my act together. Where are thinking of going to when you get there? Are you flying from Ireland?

Catherine :)

6. Posted by kmwain (Budding Member, 73 posts) 3 Jan '13 14:24

Hi Catherine

I have no set plans yet...
I know I want a working holiday. Looking to do 3 months agricultural work so I can apply for a second year. Just need to focus on where to start! Ill be flying from London.

7. Posted by ClareM84 (Budding Member, 23 posts) 3 Jan '13 17:31

Hey Catherine,

I'm actually flying out to Sydney in 3weeks on my 2nd yr visa Eeek! I'm not entirely sure of my plans as yet other than loosely I want to go to Melbourne at some point then prob fly up to cairns/Brisbane around April-may for awhile following the weather... Obviously plans change all the time and Aus is such a huge place but keep in touch and u never know we may be in similar areas at same time!
Clare x
ps look for Facebook group for Australia 2013 as there's loads of us on there chatting/sharing info etc

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9. Posted by CatF (Budding Member, 6 posts) 4 Jan '13 05:23

Hey Kmwain,

I have no set plans either I am just going to go with the flow, I did want to start in Brisbane, but I dont really mind where i go first. Are you going to do your 3 months when you get there or nearer the end? I havent thought about doing that suppose I'll have to see how much I like it there. :)

10. Posted by CatF (Budding Member, 6 posts) 4 Jan '13 05:27

Hey Clare,

You lucky duck heading in 3 weeks, when were you there before? Did you go aline the first time you were there? I am just real nervous going alone, I am really easy going but I'd be afraid in case i dont meet people when i get there. I am not really pushed on where I fly to I said Brisbane because my friends are living there, I would love to go the Melbourne and maybe visit Perth. Yeah defo keep in touch and as you said we could bump into each other wherever we end up.

Catherine x