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Cruise around Bahamas or Mexico??

Travel Forums North America Cruise around Bahamas or Mexico??

1. Posted by stevehem (Budding Member 39 posts) 4y

We are currently travelling the states and won a 3 day cruise around either the Bahamas or Mexico. Anyone done one of these or know anything about them? very hard decision!

2. Posted by talesbackpack (Full Member 117 posts) 4y

3-day Mexico cruises usually depart out of Los Angeles and sail around Baja. You will probably only stop at one port and one of your days will be a full day at sea

3-Day Bahamas cruises usually depart out of Miami and will usually have stops at two different ports.

Because these types of cruises are short and cheap they tend to attract a younger clientele with partying on the mind. Not always the case, but something to be aware of.

Make sure there are no extra fees with your tickets. You'll often have to pay the taxes on the cost of the cruise, as the prize may just cover the cost of the cruise itself. You'll need to pay to get yourself to the port of departure and likely will have to pay for your accommodation in the city immediately before and after the cruise. As with all cruises, beverages on board cost extra and are not covered in the ticket price.

"Free" cruises often end up costing you a lot more than you think. Do your homework. It may not be worth it to you once all the extras are tacked on.


3. Posted by stevehem (Budding Member 39 posts) 4y

We are 21 and 22 years old so that sounds great haha.

To recieve the prize we had to sit through a presentation, which was like a timeshare company trying to sell us stuff, but they said all we have to pay for are the fees n our alcohol and the rest is covered.

Might get a travel agent to check it out though.

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