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Who is travelling Australia from October 2013?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Who is travelling Australia from October 2013?


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51. Posted by michaelpowell87 (Budding Member, 6 posts) 29 Jan '13 07:18

hi everybody!

sounds like everybody is doing something pretty similar timewise! My Oz flight from Singapore is on 16th October at the moment but can always change it if I want more/less time going around Asia.

Not sure which way to head once I arrive, but like most, thinking about heading to Sydney for the New Year too. Looking to head out to NZ/Fiji/Hawaii and USA my working holiday visa expires too; not sure whether to do 1 or 2 years yet, so will just see how I feel once I get there.

feel free to drop me a message on here, or add me on Facebook (link in profile). Hope to chat to some of you soon! :)

52. Posted by Cookie92 (Budding Member, 3 posts) 29 Jan '13 08:54

Hi guys! I'm Rachel from near to Edinburgh :) I'm planning to head out early nov for a year! Have yous already got your visas etc? I want to buy mine now so I can't back out ha ha! I'll be graduating from Uni in July so I'm wanting to take a year out after that for oz! I'm thinking of flying into Brisbane first and seeing where it takes me:) has everyone booked flights etc already too? X

53. Posted by C.Hearn91 (Budding Member, 32 posts) 29 Jan '13 10:52

Hey everyone!

I'm looking to fly out around October time on my own! looking to get visa sorted in march and then flights about may..

I'm not really sure where to start but want to be in Sydney for New years!

Message me on here or add me on FB if want to trade advice & tips and arrange to meet up out there :)

54. Posted by Kellie89 (Budding Member, 38 posts) 29 Jan '13 11:20

Quoting jessthomas25

hello everyone! my name is jess and im leaving UK in june july and going to spend some time in africa first then off to australia in september!

Laura, are you going by yourself?
Im hoping to start in Cairns too and am also wanting to be in Sydney over christmas! :)

And hello Kellie! After australia im hoping to go to Fuji and New Zealand too! How long are you staying in Oz for?

Hey Jess well im hoping to be in auz about a week or so after new year and stay there for about 7 weeks, so probably head off to Fiji from Sydney end of feb for a week or so then on to NZ for a month or so :-)

55. Posted by ciciniland (Budding Member, 2 posts) 29 Jan '13 16:57

hey guys just found this forum its brilliant!me and my boyfriend are going to australia in september were goin on our own and we are thinking of adelaide or the best place to find work does any one know wheres ta best place or is any one going to adelaide!

were very nervous because when we get of the plane we dont no where to go is hostel the cheapest

also were from ireland what is the best site to book flights and can you book return im lookin up skyscanner but cant seem to be able to book return

hope ye can help:)

56. Posted by Stooq (Budding Member, 7 posts) 26 Mar '13 18:35

Hey guys n gals!

I am also going to be a lone ranger and heading for oz in october, a wee bit scared at the thought but buzzin for it!!!

Work hard, play harder

Gives us an add on fb
Stuart Quayle

Cheers :)

57. Posted by Stu-Thomson (Budding Member, 22 posts) 27 Mar '13 04:12

Quoting Stooq

Hey guys n gals!

I am also going to be a lone ranger and heading for oz in october, a wee bit scared at the thought but buzzin for it!!!

Work hard, play harder

Gives us an add on fb
Stuart Quayle

Cheers :)

Alright mate,

Hows things? Im the exact same planning on flying out mid October on my own.

You got any plans on where your going? Would be class to meet a few people doing the same over there!


58. Posted by Stooq (Budding Member, 7 posts) 27 Mar '13 04:20

Hey man,

I'm great. Just in the process of saving as much as I can for Oz. So I haven't booked anything, thinking of doing a bit of travelling hop on hop off bus, hostels, partying for the first few months.

And then probs settle into a job, got one in Melbourne with my dads friend but want to do a bit of discovering first.

What about you? Whats your plans? :)

59. Posted by Stu-Thomson (Budding Member, 22 posts) 27 Mar '13 04:33

Just really the same man, saving as much cash as possible, would hate to go over and not have money to do anything.

Was planning on flying to Perth then start travelling from there until the money gets low and look for work then. Looked on website and there seems to be alot of jobs just general labour work/ farm hands. Would try get something like that. Only thing I really want is to be in Sydney for NYE (so does half this forum by the looks of things, so no doubt will meet people).

Thats class youve already got something lined up for when your over there!! Ive got a mate whos there now, so probably try and catch up with him at some point see if he know the best places for work and stuff.:)

60. Posted by SamAlway21 (Budding Member, 6 posts) 4 Jul '13 16:40

Im sam ppl, around October time I'm starting my year WHV in oz on my own but got a pal in Melbourne so that's my starting place then I'm thinking of traveling the east coast so I'm currently grafting my bollocks to save enough dosh, can't fookin w8 !