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Thinking of going to Oz near end of 2013..

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Thinking of going to Oz near end of 2013..

1. Posted by C.Hearn91 (Budding Member 32 posts) 4y

Hi all,

I have recently been thinking of going to Oz, maybe about October or later. I was looking to see if anyone else will be going at that time so maybe we can team up.

Or if anyone has any tips for when I'm out there it will be appreciated :D


2. Posted by Natgrant90 (Inactive 49 posts) 4y

Hi Callum,

I'm heading out there end of December, not sure where am starting yet tho, was looking at Sydney then going up east coast, hopefully meet a group of people to do that with.


3. Posted by C.Hearn91 (Budding Member 32 posts) 4y

Hi Nat,

I've only just started looking into it so not 100% sure when I'm going yet, yeah Sydney and then up the east coast sounds like a good plan.
Have you booked flights or Visa or anything yet?
I just get really nervous thinking about going on my own! I have just joined the group on facebook so hopefully I can make friends with people now so I will know people for when I'm out there!


4. Posted by lisaj89 (Budding Member 24 posts) 4y

Hi Guys :)

Im thinking of going to Australia at the end of the year, nov/dec time.

Im going on my own too but hopefully fine some great people to spend my time with.

Going to start in Sydney then see what happens, east coast sounds good :)

5. Posted by Natgrant90 (Inactive 49 posts) 4y


No i haven't booked flights going to nearer the summer. Where ru from? I'm from Rotherham, I was looking at flying from Manchester but they don't go to Oz, well u can book them but it flys you to London anyway so i'll be flying from Heathrow.

I'm nervous too but excited. We should get a group of us and travel east coast together :)

Will any of u be in Sydney for NYE? We could meet up an travel together or something, there will be loads of people out there at the hostels and i'm sure we will make lots of new friends, loads of people go on their own so sure there will be loads of people to travel with.

I'm on the fb group too, i'm sure nearer time people will start posting stuff, we are a bit early ha!


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6. Posted by C.Hearn91 (Budding Member 32 posts) 4y


I'm from Peterborough so will probably fly from london. I would be up for getting a group of us and traveling the east coast together if others are up for it :D

I'm not sure where I will be for NYE as I haven't planned much yet but would like to be in Sydney for it!

How long was you thinking of going Oz for? Was you planning on working? or just traveling?

Yeah I have seen loads of people saying it's easy to meet people so shouldn't be that bad :)


7. Posted by Dan-o (Budding Member 53 posts) 4y

Hey guys,

hope all your planning is going well :)

im hopefully getting to oz around the 2nd november, but definatley want to be in sydney for NYE, and then head up the east coast around the 2nd jan. Been looking at something called the greyhound bus it takes u from sydney to cairns for like $380, and aslong as u get to cairns in 90 days, its like a hop on hop off bus. dont know if yous had looked at anything like that?


8. Posted by Natgrant90 (Inactive 49 posts) 4y

Yeah i'd be up for that too. I think pretty much everyone heads up east coast as there's so much to see and do so if we can get a group of us, then as we will all meet friends on way, they can join, be a good laugh.

I'm planning on flying out to Sydney on the 28th/29th and get there for NYE. I'm guna to get a working holiday visa, basically guna do like the fruit picking on farms and stuff, looks a good laugh, good pay and out in the sun. Planning on going for 8 months til Aug time then see what i think. Was thinking of maybe doin a few months in NZ or the rest in Oz. Wanna do as much as i can, u can do loads of jobs on the way up the east coast as they are all over. What ru thinking of doing?

Dan i've heard about the hop on hop off buses, they look a good.