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1. Posted by Rachel_tess (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y

Hey guys! So going tomorrow to get the ball rolling on the round the world trip I'm planning! I'm hoping to leave just after Xmas to be in Sydney for New Years, then hoping to make my way up the east coast! I'm 26 and travelling alone and just wondering if it is better to book the oz experience hop on hop off bus, or to make your own way up as you please. I like like the idea of the oz experiance as you get the likes of Fraser Island etc included in the price? Just don't want to waste money if I don't need to? Any advice would be much appreciated! Also if anyone else is going around this time, get in touch, as I said I'm going alone so would be awesome to meet up/travel with some folks! :D

2. Posted by lisaj89 (Budding Member 24 posts) 4y


Im thinking of going in december and start in sydney. the east coast sounds like a good plan.

im just going with the flow and see who i meet there and who i meet on these forums because im tracveling alone too.

I dont think i will do the oz experience, coz plans may change, more freedom

3. Posted by Natgrant90 (Inactive 49 posts) 4y

Hi Rachel,

I'm flying out at the same time as you, will be in Sydney for New Year. Then plan is make my way up the east coast too. I'm travelling alone, so be awesome to meet up and poss get a group of us together to travel? Loads of people go out there, so sure we will meet loads of friends out there in the hostels.
Blue parrot hostel in Sydney looks good?

Not sure about the oz experience thing, i know you can pay when u get there for the hop on hop off bus which takes you from Sydney to Cairns, which sounds quite cool to just get on n off where ever u want. I'm excited!!

What date u thinking of flying?

Nat x

4. Posted by Rachel_tess (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y

Hey! So went to sta today and feel so much better, she shone a lot of light on things!

Yea I'm up for meeting up when we arrive!
I'm looking to go just after christmas so hopefully all being well the 27th or 28th of December! However the flights won't become available until the end feb/start of march so have made an appointment to go back and book them then! :)

When r u guys thinking of flying?

Yea I looked at that green parrot place, looks good however there doesn't seem to be any availability over new year at all. But I'm sure it will be easy enough to find a hostel somewhere. I'm not planning on spending too much time in Sydney as everybody says its uber expensive, so for me it will be ten days max, c what I want to c and move on!

Also think you's are right about the oz experience thing, the girl from sta said it isn't essential as you can do it yourself, it just helps with meeting people!

5. Posted by Natgrant90 (Inactive 49 posts) 4y


I'm flying 28th/29th dec, where ru flying from?

Yeah i looked there doesn't seem to be any availability there, surely they aren't booked up already or maybe it's not available yet. Yeah i'm not spending too long in Sydney, prob same amount as you and then head up east coast. Just seen u replied on other post too :)

What did STA say? Are they sorting other things for you too or just your flight?

6. Posted by Rachel_tess (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y

Yea they were really helpful. Just have to make an appointment to get my flights booked when they become available. I'm looking to do NZ and Asia after Oz so getting multi flex flights, she said she would explain more when I was booking them. They r going to help me sort out my visa and tax details for doing abit of work out there, so all Is good! :D just want to get it booked now!
Don't know where il be flying from, live in belfast so probably have to fly over to London unless they can get me flights from Dublin!
What about you? Ur England right? So u shouldn't have to far to travel to get ur flight?
Who are you booking your trip through?
Was looking at brochures and maps today, part of me is thinking of hitting Melbourne first before heading up the east coast! My friends just moved there from Sydney and is loving it!

7. Posted by Natgrant90 (Inactive 49 posts) 4y

Ah yeah. A lot of people are saying Melbourne first. I'd definitely like to go Melbourne at same point too. Maybe first would be a good idea before east coast.

I'm booking through STA too, i'm flying from Manchester, only an hour away from me. But it flys to London then goes to Australia from there.

I want to fly with emirates, got a flight quote other day from STA, just under 900, stops off in Dubai that was for 28th and gets there 30th with time change. I might see u in London if ur flying around similar time? Ru flying straight through from London or stopping off?

That's good then i'm guna get them to sort out my tax etc for work too.

8. Posted by Rachel_tess (Budding Member 11 posts) 4y

Hey, sorry ain't managed to get on here lately!
Yea I'm guessing il have to go to london! So would be awesome to meet up if we're flying out the same dates! :) Looking very likely! She was telling me I'd prob have to stop in Dubai too!
U any idea when u will be booking yours?

9. Posted by benny1314 (Budding Member 109 posts) 4y

Hi Rachel,

I'm due to be in Sydney for NYE with a small group. You never know we might bump into each other!

Have a good one :)


10. Posted by mattsmith92 (Budding Member 18 posts) 4y


I'm looking at flying out to Sydney on 27th December too!

NYE in Sydney looks amazing! Can't wait! You all travelling alone?

Been looking at WakeUp! Hostel, it looks ideal for NYE!