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Has anyone visited Moscow and/or St Petersburg in mid-April?

Travel Forums Europe Has anyone visited Moscow and/or St Petersburg in mid-April?

1. Posted by hanaldinho (Full Member 20 posts) 4y

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A couple of years ago I posted a thread about visiting Moscow and St Petersburg in winter and got some good advice - thanks.

Sadly I have not yet visited Russia but there may be an emerging opportunity to visit mid-April this year for a week.

Some quick google searches show April may not be the best time to visit as likely to be neither snowy or warm, and instead more slushy! Has anyone visited either of these cities in April and able to share experiences of what it was like at this time of year?

I know you can make the most of a place whatever the season/weather but if these cities really are to be visited in winter or summer maybe I should wait? My motivations for going in April are - it's my birthday and I want to go somewhere awesome to forget how old i'm getting. And i've found some really cheap direct flights in April. I've also read it's more affordable at this time as off-season.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Many thanks

2. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 4y

I have seen it in April cause i live here.
This is the ugliest season ever. Its still a bit cold and snow is ALMOST gone. Leftovers are really durty and grey. Summer parks are not open yet. No drass no lives on the trees.
April and November are 2 months when i wouldnt advice any1 to come here. And it is not the best place for celebrating your BD. Statistics shows that most of suicides happen during these 2 months.
I would suggest after midmay... its not high season yet, but already nice enoough to enjoy your trip.
Well, if you decide to go anyway, feel free to ask quastions :)

3. Posted by hanaldinho (Full Member 20 posts) 4y

Hi, many thanks for your reply and advice - that's really helpful.

OK, so the other question I have is for a first-time visitor in Russia would you advise experiencing your cities in the winter (not november) or the summer - which is best?!

I'll check out flights for after mid-may like you suggest


4. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 4y

Summer is the best,
And June 15-30th is the very best :)

5. Posted by TeflonCDN (Full Member 129 posts) 4y

I visited in early May and it was not much of a problem. The only big thing you miss out on is that the Peterhof is not open yet...

No problems with finding a place to stay at that time of year AND you can just show up at a train station after supper and get tickets for the overnight train to Moscow... No reserving days ahead!

The splendor of the Winter Palace will more then make up for the slush!

Bottom line is that the timing is not ideal, but, that is the time you got! Use it!

6. Posted by Brendan (Respected Member 1824 posts) 4y

I travelled to St. Petersburg in April of 2003. I had a great time! I didn't think the weather was bad at all, but then I'm from Alberta, Canada so I might be used to it.

7. Posted by moriegres (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

I have seen St.Petersburg in April cause i live here as well and I would say - April might be the best month of the year in terms of weather & travelling. The air is fresh, it's warm, the streets are clean and a lot of spring bright sun - isn't that great? No crowds of tourists - a huge advantage! And hotel rates are not that high. I'd advise to come for a week after the 20th of April.

8. Posted by barrss13 (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Not sure about April. I was is ST-Petersburg 2 times in april and in june. It was some snow in april , and cold. very lovely in june, white nights.. the best time