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1. Posted by sebkachoei (Budding Member, 5 posts) 31 Jan '13 09:46

HEllo Everyone

Me and few of my mates are planning to go to Tomorrowland this year and i need some advise on buying ticket and which website anyone would recommond and also what type of tickets i need if i am taking my own tent??

any help pleaseeeeeeeee:)

2. Posted by Bagley (Budding Member, 35 posts) 31 Jan '13 13:52

you need to pre register on the website other wise you wont even get a chance to buy a ticket


there is a section on their website that has accomdoation packages so you buy a ticket to tommorow land plus a ticket to dreamville

if you want to take your own tent then its like 250 euro i think the prices are on the website

i havent been before but will be this year so should be sweet

3. Posted by sebkachoei (Budding Member, 5 posts) 1 Feb '13 09:40

Thank you for your help.

yes i have pre register and done that.

so how quicly do you think it will get sold out and would you recommond the tomorrowland website to purchase the tickets?

Thank you

4. Posted by juijui (Budding Member, 7 posts) 1 Feb '13 11:14

the tomorrowland website is only place u can purchase your tickets. and you go to the site the exact moment the clock hits 17CET. it may be matter if seconds if you get yourself in the ticket queue or not.

5. Posted by Bagley (Budding Member, 35 posts) 1 Feb '13 18:37


It works out to be 3 am Sunday 17th Feb for Sydney Australia

Late night for us !!!

Very excited

6. Posted by sebkachoei (Budding Member, 5 posts) 4 Feb '13 05:06

so is that 4pm in the UK? or is that 17.00 for UK too?

what are the chances for four ppl be on different computers to get tickets???

7. Posted by Bagley (Budding Member, 35 posts) 4 Feb '13 05:52

How do you mean?

Are you trying to buy tickets for your friends ?

I'd say more the merrier just all try to book and if one gets through to the payment t option you get your other friends to disconnect ?

8. Posted by sebkachoei (Budding Member, 5 posts) 4 Feb '13 09:15


Yes its 16 of us going so i am hoping the four ppl i set on the computer can get each 4 tickets.

do you think i have a chance??

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10. Posted by Bagley (Budding Member, 35 posts) 6 Feb '13 03:53

Feel free to message me i will be travelling from australia though i will be in brussels 2 days before tommorow lands

I would love to meet up with some people and travel from brussells to boom plus i would be happy to share a relax lock up room with 1 other person